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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Left50, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. i was just wondering if if its only my unit or do others suffer from having completely obstructive/unhelpful NRPS?

    There I was in the SPSI's office the other day talking about on upcomming regional competition that we as a regt are putting a team in for and the fact that i though it would be a good idea for the TEAM to have some 30l bergens to use instead of using rocket packs as you can get more kit in them and they're more comfortable etc.

    Not being Inf we dont get the same scale of belt kit ie a belt, yoke an ammo pouch a utility pouch and a water bottle pouch ie crap for a patrol comp!

    Now i now from previous attempts that it would have been pointless to ask for the webbing scales to be made upto something sensible I mean this particular unhelpfull NRPS wouldn't even let 3 of us have two water bottles each when we went to KENYA for 6 weeks with the INF!

    Thefore baby bergens would be good!

    His original answer was predictably no you can use the side pouches you get with your bergen ( read combat handbag ) why should you be issued patrol bergens.
    You dont get two bergens, we never had them when i was Inf etc etc yawn .

    Ans coz its an f8ing patrol comp!! How do you get a 351 in a set of day sack?

    So as usual no sign of being asked if there was anything that the Q side could do to help us take part in said comp to uphold the honour of the regt etc!!

    one of my many gripes is we have 14 baby bergens in the STORE, we have a requirement for them for a regtl team on a Bde comp.

    I'm asking for these as a snco, why do I have to justify my self/argue the case for what i as one of the guys who'll be on the ground for the kit i think we need to what is essentially a civvy storeman who evidently thinks he runs the place and decides what equipment people are going to be ALLOWED to sign out.

    hells teeth I'm only asking for whats in the store, maybe thats the problem, , I thought that NRPS stores types were there to sort out what the TA ones can't achieve on a Tuesday etc and to support the unit! Have I missed the point do NRPS Stores people actually pay for all the kit that they store, or perhaps they get a bonus for whats left in the store?

    is it just too much to ask that they might actually be helpful instead of unhelpful and obstructive at the earliest opportunity?

    Perhaps THEY really do own all the gear in the store having paid for it out of their own extensive pockets.
  2. They are called stores, not issues you know...
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Speak to the TM
  4. In my unit all the NRPS are extremely helpful and go out of their way to assist the TA personnel. Mind I would say that I am one of the NRPS staff. Seriously though I don't think you can tar all personnel just because one individual is being an arrse. He would be an arrse if he was NRPS, regular, TA or indeed a civilian the cap he wears does not change the individual nature of the person.
  5. There are many ways to skin this particular cat.

    Try this one.

    Write an Op Order for the competition, normal details, why, when, how, who etc.

    You should have a paragraph for "Equipment".

    State in this paragraph/kit list that team members are to sign out baby bergens.

    lastly put your OCs signature block on it and ask him politely to sign it, copy of course goes to cnut of Qman.

    Hey presto!

    It's all a game and it's how you play it that matters, there is just as many regular tee-wats about.
  6. Or you could write an admin instruction, putting the CO, OC, QM and any other people you think might like a copy on the distribtion list.

    Make sure that you put in the stores required, asking the stores to provide what ever kit you require.
    you will hopefully find that involving the chain of command indirectly will work.

    If not fill the F*cker in, but not on a drill night.
  7. Is there an echo in here ? :D
  8. echo ech echo
  9. Or just get someone higher up the food chain than him (and preferably bigger than him, try your BK!) to order the brown coat wearing, about to retire, ex regular infantry, Cumbrian twat to issue the f'ing kit.

    Does it show that I still bear a grudge against him for billing me for two convoy flags, tosser!

  10. and some people wonder why TA soldiers jack it in.

    By the way, why is a NRPS getting involved with kit?
  11. Spookily enough, in some Regt's the SQMS's, TQMS's are NRPS, and yes some are obstructive and different to regular life. TA jack it in for multitudes of reasons and cannot be put down to un helpfull permanent staff...look further up the chain of command.
  12. Well I know of one VERY handy ex-Kiwi Recce Regular who changed units because of a pump PSAO.

    Real loss to his unit.
  13. Talking of which... just pay you tightwad.
  14. Our NRPS runs the stores during the week and is superb. However if you do a last for certain bits of kit which may be held somewhere else you will be told to feck off. However he will do his utmost for the troops and fight their corner where he can. Our problem is the civvy bloke in the clothing stores.....
  15. There are many ways to skin this cat and because I dont feel like being a complete cnut today (as Im NRPS) here are some ways of doing it. 1. Write a comprehensive letter detailing your needs and make sure the TM and CO get a copy that way when you get no joy from him you can drop it into the conversation when they ask you how its going 2. Speak direct to the QM/RQMS explaining your needs. Make sure that you have all the information and justify why you are asking him direct. 3. Talk to another Unit and see if you can have a long loan of the kit. Normally if it isnt to long you will find someone willing to loan. 4. Apply direct to loan pools making sure you put down that you will collect and get the vouchers sent direct to you. All these actions could have consequences but at the end of the day the NRPS are there to help you, the TA, train. Sorry to hear about your NRPS but you do get nobbers in all walks of life.