naff squaddie tatts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. apparantly in civvy street its a common belief that all us squaddies have had ink done

    anyone out there seen any truly inspiring artwork?

    and alot of you must have seen some squaddie art that has made you cringe!

    i knew a girl who got certa cito tattoo inked in blandford, booted out a few weeks later for drugs i heard.

    "engerland" tattood by some novice in bournemouth. the lad didnt get charged a penny diue to the spelling mistake... how kind!

    the floor is open
  2. Certa Cito? Isn't that some shitty suit shop?
  3. c'mon must have some good uns!!!
  4. My dad (ex gunner) has two naked women sprawled over his back, a bulldog on one arm, and a rose on the other...and i think there is a bird on his leg as well
  5. I remember hearing of a lad from 7 Bde who, after returning from Op Granby, proudly got a Jerboa tattoo on his arm above the words:

    "Dessert Rats"


    Another one from the Royal Corps was a Troop of females going through phase 1 training and were in Charlie Troop.

    They thought the female & Charlie link was too good to miss and every single one of them now has a

    "Charlie's Angles" tat

  6. I really hope it was spelt with only the one "S" otherwise it would tend to suggest he was a bit of a porker when it came to pudding time.

  7. I knew a lad that had one on his ribs so it looked like the skin was pulled off to look like a robot underneath with metal work and wires, it was a foot tall by 1/2 foot.

    easy-wan-kenobi, I knew a girl that had that tat and got booted for drugs but she had a jimmy on her shoulder as well, cira 2001/2, same girl?
  8. i think that was possibly the whole point!!!
  9. I must stop drinking brake fluid.

  10. 'AirboUrne' :thumleft:
  11. The story was printed in soldier mag................the muppet.
  12. When I went through Phase 1 at Lichfield there was a guy who had a tatt of an SAS solider, masked up and pointing a pistol forward with the slogan 'Who Dares Wins' underneath....chopper!

    I always thought that he'd get 'special' treatment if ever he was caught on an E&E exercise or if caught in theatre.
  13. Special needs treatment might be more in order.

    One of my recent favourites was a bloke who was going for a cheap version of laser removal..... by having the whole thing inked in. either that or he was aiming ultimately for special treatment under the race relations policy.
  14. yep scottish, went by the name of r******* nice girl
  15. seen a charging viking with raised battleaxe in fine line tattooing, that looked the dogs bollox,

    mate had "blood group 100% proof" on his shoulder, but the strangest one was my brother who has a different blood group to me on his shoulder, does he know something I dont...........?