Naff Question? Headdress and No2s

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Firefighter9, Nov 18, 2010.

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  1. At Remembrance Parade at the weekend, noticed several Soldiers, all from various Regts wearing No.2 dress with berets.

    I've obviously seen the "brochures" for ATR Pirbright etc and most soldiers are wearing peaked cap with No.2s

    I've also seen parades (passing off) where they are wearing a mixture in the ranks.

    Why is that? Do certain Regts wear berets with No2s and others peaked caps. Or are berets worn at different times to peaked caps?

    No real reason for asking, just curiosity!

    Oh...not a wah
  2. IIRC The quick & easy answer is yes but i'm sure others will correct me otherwise

    There are different variations per Corp/Regt etc

    And to complicate the system more:

    Scottish: Highlanders=Kilts Lowlanders trews but both Glengarry's For No2's & TOS otherwise
    Welsh: Similiar aligned towards English Dress but the Guards Div have Bearskins for ceremonial duties + peak caps
    Irish: A variation of Standard army dres except the wearing of a corbeen

    check out the following for further info

    Dress & Uniform - British Army Website

    British Army Cap Badges Glengarry Badge Shako Helmet & Belt Plates Regimental Insignia
  3. Different regts, different dress regs.
  4. I seem to remember seeing that under 'No 2' dress in Dress Regs, for headdress it says something along the lines of 'at commanding officer's discretion' with regards to berets or peaks.
  5. At 1 ArmdDivSigRegt in the 80's at least it was berets with No2 dress, which always caused panics for people about to attend RSDCC, where hats were required. Plus of course there was the constant rumour that the hats were no longer being issued, though that obviously was a load of bollocks.
  6. Not quite No 2's, but Officers seemed to wander around in big hats or berets as the mood took them. I know when my old man reached brown shoe status he used to wear the big hat to show authority etc etc and the beret for normal day to day.

    I also recall a fair few of the GP used to wear 2's and berets ............. with ammo boots so they could rip up the guardroom floor and then gainfully employ the prisoners or guard to polish it nicely again. Twonks.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    LI for WO2 and down was Berets in No 2 dress, not sure about the Rifles, that change only happened in the 1970's (74 springs to mind) as passing out pics from before then had hats peaked worn. We were issued a second Beret in Trg to keep for best!
  8. I always thought the relatively new regiments (AAC, paras, SAS and Intelligence Corps of the top of my head) wear berets while the older ones have caps. I'm pretty sure light infantry have berets as well come to think of it.
  9. off the top of my head, Army Air Corps, Rifles, Fusiliers(i think) Royal irish, SAS and RTR's wear berets and im sure a few more do too with fad. no such thing as 2 dress now, so will never get to wear it im afraid.
  10. I hope that's not true or this Friday I'm going to be the only bloke in fancy dress at the medal party.
  11. blunt, sort yourself out with some fad, its a bit dads army but better than two's. i was just saying firefighter is joining on monday and no2's is history. fad is the future! ie. future army dress
  12. Rifles all wear peak caps. RGJ used to wear peaks and LI had berets. I think most of th infantry regiments without feathers wear peak caps.