NABIS Firearms expert (forensic)

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by ooooh_matron, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. This would be a good job for any ex soldier, the advert is nice but CSI it ain't, there is still a bit of learning going on with the process's involved as it is a new set up from top to bottom. It would be a good and worthwhile job. I am not from the advertising force but I do know the staff in my own who are responsible. Go for it
  2. Honestly I think they will struggle to fill that matching the JD accurately. I have seen similar posts where you had to have no mortgage and a full plod or service pension to guarantee surviving on that salary!
    Nice jobs but they tend to want tech science quals and dont rate experience as much which is a real pity!
  3. I disagree; there are many people whose experience will match this Job Description, myself included (although I don't need the work).

    Many police forces list their ideal candidate in the Job Description, but will settle for the nearest thing. If you can demonstrate a skill set matching that of the 'desired' credentials/experience then go for it. Unless they have internal candidates you may surprise yourself.

    WIS and Ammo techs, with a private interest in firearms could well be seen as ideal candidates.
  4. I might be a biff here, but where does it say the salary offered?