NABCO Inc EOD Job available in the UK & Europe

I am an ex AT and in my current job this came across my desk and thought there may be people here that would be interested in this. Feel free to PM me if you wish or use the contact details below to talk direct to NABCO

I am an ex AT currently working the States this has come across my desk and thought there may be people here who would be interested in this job

NABCO INC. seeks person to represent company and demonstrate systems, products and services, and develop working relationship with EOD community and Law Enforcement professionals in Europe. Person must be well versed in applying techniques, procedures and operations with all EOD applications and equipment. Individual must also possess the skills and ability to integrate and coordinate with existing representative network, and possible recruitment and development of new representatives.

Please Contact: Jay Markey- President/CEO
1001 Corporate Drive, Suit 205
Canonsburg, Pa. 15317
724-746-9617 Office
724-746-9709 FAX

jay @

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