Could who ever deleted the complete left hand wall, chairs and table in the NAAFI please check their inventory and put the items back!

I can replace the walls with difficulty, but I cant replace the chairs and tables without buying them again.

Check your trash please!!

Thank you.
It's a squaddie trophy thing Minxy, we just cant help nicking things! ;-)

Oh, and cheers for returning my buggy to me last week :D
Unless its a fault, its a member of ArrseHQ group. Members of the arrse group wouldnt be allowed to delete something that belongs to minxy. I havent got them!!!
i can er sell yer one jus like it ye know

or not
Thanks Minxy, never knew I had a trash folder before - it even had bits of the International Space Station in there (oops) but sorry no bits of NAAFI.


The wall is now back up....please try not to delete it again, I had to completely delete the whole building and put it back up, stress levels rose considerably.

Someone still has some of the furniture, please check your trash AND 'objects' for bean bag chairs.

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