The NID card on the poster is a good indication of when this photo was taken, pre 1952, as that is when NID cards were discontinued. I still have mine. Issued to my mother, with my details when I was born.....By the way, old are you?;)
It’s a re-enactment photo taken at a photo shoot. just noticed the modern 3 pin plug also visible in the van window, bit of a giveaway.

Recognise anyone in this pic.

Edited to remove name of the company organising the event.

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Don‘t NAAFI employees get gongs if they serve overseas?

Obviously there is the bloke off Ardent mentioned above, but I also knew a girl who got either a Telic or Herrick medal for working in the NAAFI on camp.

Nice lass, Saffer. Died in a very unfortunate bus crash in South America.
I 've seen the memorial in 1982 but don't recall seeing any names.
When were they added or did I just miss them.
E2A I think it was the Guards own memorial they built out of stones I saw.
Welsh Guards memorial is on the other side of the small cove from the Galahad memorial, which is white.


i dont see why not as a civi employed by CRG on an FCO contract i received, out of the blue the Iraq Reconstruction Medal and Iraq/Op what ever its name was. That was in 2008/9. i believe all the FCO Staff and contractors received them
Many civilians get medals for a whole myriad of reasons, including some for gallantry, which is well and good, but you can't wear them with a veterans badge.

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