Naafi to stock Boots face creams and moisturisers.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 23, 2013.

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  1. cloudbuster

    cloudbuster Guest

    You'll never get the Heroes of Honington out of the shop.............
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  2. I haven't been in the NAAFI since they tried to charge me 15p for space raiders.
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  3. 'Groundbreaking'? Shouldn't that be 'wristlimping'?
  4. You still get proper NAAFIs then? I thought they'd all turned into Spar shops.
  5. Sinner251

    Sinner251 On ROPS On ROPs
    1. ARRSE Runners

    And all at the low, low price of twice what you pay on the high street!
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  6. cloudbuster

    cloudbuster Guest

    Don't forget, boys and girls;
    Source; A Taste of home
  7. About bloody time.
  8. cloudbuster

    cloudbuster Guest


    Just up?
  9. Do that include free samples of lip gloss and lip stick ....... and 'things with wings'...? .. and a free 'No No' to remove those jaggly bits fluff form 'you know where down below'....
  10. Only on some RAf bases.
  11. Today's Metrosexual Servicemen and women expects to have such products available, it's forward thinking of the NAAFI organisation to stock such items.

  12. "Shop sells things people want to buy." I'm aghast.

    Should we tell a policeman?
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  13. BennyBagnuts

    BennyBagnuts Old-Salt

    Why bother, boots deliver to BFPO.
  14. Coming next, a fetching collection of assless chaps