Naafi to stock Boots face creams and moisturisers.



Don't forget, boys and girls;
The Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) is a 'Not for Profit' organisation, created and managed solely to Serve the Services. Since 1920 we have provided a wide range of services to the Armed Forces including: Retail, Food & Beverage, and Facilities Management.

Today, NAAFI's sole purpose is the same as it's always been; to support the British Armed Forces, and their families, where they are deployed on the front line or posted overseas.

Our aim is to provide 'convenience' and a 'taste of home' wherever the British Forces are serving overseas; bringing British goods, services & facilities to places where they are very much appreciated.
Source; A Taste of home
About bloody time.
Do that include free samples of lip gloss and lip stick ....... and 'things with wings'...? .. and a free 'No No' to remove those jaggly bits fluff form 'you know where down below'....
Today's Metrosexual Servicemen and women expects to have such products available, it's forward thinking of the NAAFI organisation to stock such items.

"Shop sells things people want to buy." I'm aghast.

Should we tell a policeman?
Why bother, boots deliver to BFPO.
I'm new to this. These "facial scrubs"... this an end to the razor blade?

...and eyebrows?
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