NAAFI (the shop) A dliberate scam or just bad management?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BuggerAll, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Every time I go into the NAAFI I get hacked off at the rip off prices. Everything (except booze and perfume) is more expensive than UK prices and more expensive than prices in local shops. Newspapers, magazines and books (a link with home) are at least 50% as much again as UK prices. Booze is tax free here in Cyprus and is cheaper than the UK, but you can actually find the same stuff being sold commercially for the same prices or cheaper locally.

    In contrast to NAAFI are our international partners military shops. The US PX/BX and commisariats. Of course they are a bigger country and a bigger military, but the Dutch and Norwegian Armies have a far better system than ours.

    The NAAFI could be a morale and retention factor, instead its just another p@ss off factor.
  2. Agreed. Here's just one example of the NAAFI rip-off (because you've already mentioned newspapers/magazines) -


    They tell us that coffee is Tax-Free (and rationed!!), but it is well over a Euro cheaper in Markthoff for exactly the same stuff. How does that work then?
  3. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    In cyprus I have noticed magazines supplied from a cypriot firm , cost uk 78 p, priced by Hellenic at 1.35, fair import cost etc, with a sticker over the hellenic price stuck on by NAAFI at 2.25! what a mark up with no excuse, In fact this morning half of them are priced in the same way

    bunch of pikeys
  4. Coffee is still rationed due to the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) in Germany. Mrs Geek wouldn't shop at NAAFI. She said they were a bunch of pikeys too!
  5. Glad to see everyone has the correct terminology for the NAFFI then!!
  6. They had posters up in the BFG NAAFIs claiming that they were cheaper than the local german supermarkets. Complete tosh. We only went to the NAAFi for the typically Brit things such as brown sauce and so on. The rest of our shopping was done in the Marktkauf. There's no way I would pay NAAFI prices particulalrly for the near the sell by date Tesco gear they flog.
  7. Real was the dogs bollocks compared to NAAFI. The only thing we got there was english bread as the German stuff tasted like old track pads
  8. What amuses me is when they put the price of fags up after the budget. Err, isn't the Chancellor
    increasing the TAX on tobacco?

    To be honest, you don't mind paying a bit extra just for the friendly helpful cheery service. (Really!!!)
    I mean, noone forces the miserable tawts to work there. You'd think they were all taken out and shot after their shift.
    I've never encountered 'service' like it. Fcuk off and work somewhere you like you cnuts, and stop ruining every fcukers day
  9. Couldn't agree more.

    In my corner of BFG the WRVS manages to under-cut the (Non profit making) NAAFI on newspapers and magazines. A few months ago I went into the NAAFI & picked up a copy of FHM. The surly brat on the till didn't know how much to charge (Obviously) so called over the duty manager. "Oh, just double it" (UK price) he says. When I queried this I was told that this was NAAFI policy. Dubious, I told him to poke it.

    The same NAAFI shop also routinely sets out dented tins of food which I know for a fact are never supposed to leave the manufacturer except via staff sales at vastly reduced prices. My old man worked for one of them until his retirement in the early 90s and staff prices then were typically 1p per tin. Doesn't stop NAAFI charging premium prices though.

    Makes me quite nostalgic - every tea-time in our house was a tinned - food lottery! :lol: 5 and 7.. 57!

  10. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I must say that I generally find the staff in the NAAFIs here in Cyprus to be very good below manageemnt level. The manageemnt don't seem to have a clue. Its also odd that NAAFI with 4 main shops and 3 little shops and a few badly run bars has an HQ in Cyprus to rival the size of HQ BFC.

    I asked them if they could stock Nix Wax (which is the recomended cleaning product for the issue Magnums) and Non-bio powder (which is recomended for cleaning uniforms and is less iritating on the skin). After I expalined what these product are they told me there was no demand.

    They put those stupid signs up saying cheaper than the local Cyprus supermarket. I don't know what defines local but Chris Cash and Carry, Orpahanides and Ermes in Limmasol are all cheaper than NAAFI.
  11. 99c in NAAFI shop for bottle of coke, right next door in the NAAFI cafe you can pick up an identical bottle of coke for €1.10. WTF???

    Questioned superviser and got the typical answer "errrr dunno love".

    Fcukin magic.

    Anyone one here from NAFFI care to answer??? Would make an interesting read!!!!
  12. the only good thing to come out of a NAAFI [apart from the essence blonde who used to serve tea and stickies in Bovington Camp circa 1962] was their own brand meat pies in the '70's........put sweeney todd's pie making partner to shame 8O
  13. Heres a good one.

    Naafi MAX - 10 free range eggs (Dutch) €2.99

    The same eggs - Penny Markt - €1.39

    Any comment from our NAAFI apologist, sorry managers?
  14. As for providing a service for the troops, when I was in NI in 79, I didnt see much of the NAAFi in the sticks - the only supplies came from some Iranian greaseburger shops (except at RAF Aldergrove - typically plush with real mugs and cutlery)

    Just compare our NAAFi to the stuff the Yanks have !!
  15. What about EFI? Service to the troops deployed on Ops? My arrse! Better service from the local Baswari who 'borrows' kit from the US PX. Better returns policy as well!
    Recently had a visit from DCDS (Pers) and he was shoving NAAFi/EFI down our throats due to the fact that we get a Forces rebate. I would rather see the boys get a good service than a tiny portion of their cash back.