Discussion in 'Cookery' started by dave8307, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. Hope you can help me out, folks.

    A few years ago Tesco sold NAAFI or Army Tea and I really liked it. But like most things I like, Tesco removed it because these bl^^dy civvies don't know what's good for them.

    Anyone know where I can purchase said tea????
  2. NAAFI?
  3. $48? Per box or per teabag?
  4. In the late 70's a few supermarkets started selling Nestea, the instant milk-included tea that was in the Army's first attempt to put instant tea in rat packs.

    Fortunately, they stopped selling it because NOBODY liked it. It was also dropped from the rat packs, probably for the same reason.

    Have you tried Builders Tea, available from Asda?
  5. We appear to be missing the obvious here. Tetley's, Typhoo, PG Tips, ANY supermarket's no-label black tea. Why NAAFI teabags in particular?
  6. skintboymike says
    ......because that was the name on the pack!! FFS
  7. Naafi tea in the eye catching orange and brown striped boxes ?

    Why would anyone want to buy that ?
  8. For proper strong tea there is nothing to beat Glengettie tea. the favorite tea in Wales for generations.

    For a proper mug of strong tea :

  9. closely followed by assam, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    now off to put the kettle on :D
  10. I wonder how many people read this and then got up and put the kettle on?

    I did....and I live 12000 miles away from you blokes.

    Don't forget that real NAAFI tea had bromide in it. :D
  11. In answer to the first question, I asked Rington's. Here is the answer:

    Dear Mr Fritzy,

    Thank you for your email.

    You are absolutely correct that we do make the NAAFI tea product and have done for some time. Unfortunately the only way to buy this product is to purchase it directly from the NAAFI shops.

    What I can suggest though is that you could try our Ringtons Traditional blend, which is quite similar to the NAAFI blend in flavour and strength, and you would be able to either purchase this from our online store ( or you may live in an area that is serviced by our Doorstep Business, to find out visit .
  12. On the subject of tea, have I invented the manky habit of brewing in a pint mug and keeping a saucer over the top every moment when not actually drinking? Hot tea for 40 minutes - usually just finish it when I'm due another mug. Thinking about it, "chain" tea.

  13. A little disingenuous, I think. What they mean is "at the end of the day, we sweep the floor of the packaging shed, and all of the crap that missed the boxes, along with anything else that may have hit the floor during the day gets boxed-up for the punters who'll buy any old tat with 'NAAFI' printed on the side."
  14. Bladder like a space-hopper?
  15. I get my tea from ringtons door to door, its pretty good tea and damn good ginger bisuits too and i got military discount.

    But assam tea is definitly the daddy of tea and lapsang suchon (or whatever the fcuk its called) is mingin tastes like someone dropped a fag in your brew...rank.