Naafi starting to take the P*ss

I just thought I'd see what you thought about this:

I'm a short term visitor at the Death star more commonly know as MW. Whilst here I often pop into the groovy 'wine bar' looking singlies drinking establishment. On first impressions it looks quite good. But once I had fought with the tumbleweeds to get to the bar I am told that there isn't any beer because they are in the middle of a handover. Same for food. I patiently wait a week or so for the re-supp, but within days it had all gone again. The food seems to be more expensive than any other Naafi bar I've been to recently, and you can't just stick on a CD full of old fav's because they have a Shi*te juke box that robs you blind.

What happened to the good old Cpl's mess. Sure the bar looks great, but there's never anyone in it, and when there is, there is nowt to sup.

Somebody sort Naafi, Aramark, Sodexho, or whoever the hell has got the contract out PLEASE.

I know this comes accross as whiney but any thoughts on it (and not my bitching) would be appreciated.
Fair one. But I'd quite happily give up my day job a fortnight at a time to run a good Cpl's mess. The way it used to be ran. just gets on my ti*s thats all.
NAAFI are getting worse because in most places, what with Sqn/Bty/Coy bars getting closed down, they have a monopoly. Clps messes are also on the way out as they pose too much competition for the NAAFI bars. The further away from civilization the camp is the worse it gets, with training establishments the worst of all. The coming of pay as you dine isn't going to improve things as it won't be more than five minutes until, in some rabid cost saving scheme, the bars and the cookhouses are combined into single facilities withe the atmosphere expected of a bar with a hotplate at the back of the room and the ever smiling NAAFI catering staff happy with their late shift.

Gone are the days of any beer on a bottle for 1DM, shots cheaper and the bar packed 7 night a week.

No, you're right. It's all shit, and things are only going to get worse until NAAFI have some competition....and that isn't going to be any time soon.
This is not meant to change my original subject, but at some point I'm gonna post a picture of the weirdo's who are cooking our meals on a daily basis. The two lads are 19 and 20 and dont look like they have shaved, washed or exfoliated since puberty (If they have gone through it yet). I know it's a phase two establishment, but the standard of food is horrific. Today I picked (one after the other) 6 knives out of the cutlery box covered in crappy food remains. Each one, I placed on the servery and the chef looked at me in disgust. he simply said "what do you want me to do about it, there are plenty more"

In all honesty. What the Fcuk is going on..........................
Have a word with the Ord Off or ROS (if they still visit as a part of their duties). There should be a complaints book. Fill it up. There is usually a Junior Ranks messing commitee (RSM or RQMS is usually the chairman along with the Master Chef). Find out who is on it and let them know. Put pen to paper and write a polite snotagram and push it through the chain. On your end of course PXR and washup, write it down and speak up. Get all your pals to do the same. I'm not saying it will make the place into the Savoy but unless people do something about it, feck all will happen. We are all happy to complain but not as many are as willing to stand up and be counted. I know you are only there on course but you lot, the senior blokes, need to raise the issue because the crows and pads wont. If enough people raise the same concerns, it may at least get you clean cutlery. Its a start. ;)

I hear you big fella, but you have got to see it to believe it. I only know what a comments book is because I've seen it in other units. Lets get back to the bar, as thats where I started. I may open another thread on the cookhouse another day.

PS. "We're stuck with them" is the only answer I have ever got from the powers that be.
I wonder if the media would be interested? Not that I'm suggesting for one instance that you go beyond the chain of command you understand. :roll:
and there was me thinking that you were complaining that the NAAFI had risen the cost of your avation fuel...

Turned out they had run out of PIMMS.

Oh well...
Don't they have a "scruff's bar" round the corner? The odd times I've been too frightened to go in, it has always seemed full, especially after payday! Who would want to go to a fancy winebar lookalike anyway? I've heard the cookhouse is that bad, even the Pads refuse to bean steal.
I can remember nights in the MW NAAFI bar packed out with singlies and pads, male and female, for the infamous stripper nights and disco! But we are talking 1986. Shame it's gone down the pan, especially with the nearest town being Andover. How much is the taxi nowadays there and back?
About a 7 quid there, and your guess is as good as mine for the way back. I usually just empty my pockets using my garlic sauce smothered hands and the robbing git takes the lot.
Arrrr remember choppers at Wallop (the Shite hole opposite the garage) ....Now they were the days... Plenty of storys about that place!!!!
Kaaa said:
About a 7 quid there, and your guess is as good as mine for the way back. I usually just empty my pockets using my garlic sauce smothered hands and the robbing git takes the lot.
:lol: My kind of man! I usually piiss the back seat too! Try it...... As for seven squid to Andover, robbing bunch of barstools! So anything up to twenty quid there and back? You need to start a campaign to get Choppers back!
Ralf said:
Arrrr remember choppers at Wallop (the Shite hole opposite the garage) ....Now they were the days... Plenty of storys about that place!!!!
choppers how could i forget ?
How could i forget the ambience of the place.
How could i forget the unique smell in the bogs - it was like a 1000 camels had ppised in a 1000 multi storey lifts and left them in the midday sun for 3 weeks.
How could i forget those crazy days when dodgy Dave cleaned the pipes and left the cleaning solution in them, poisoning half of Middle Wallop !!
How could i forget standing in there as crow, watching in wonderment at the AAC v REME boxing match going on around me, then 1 week later finding myself to be in the middle of said boxing match - and loving it!!
How could i forget the guard coming in to find and detain the boxing teams.
How could i forget running from the guard in a zig zag manner !!
How could i forget looking accross the 'Dance Floor' and seeing a drunken vision of female perfection.
How could i forget waking up somewhere in King Arthurs Way with a sore head and a fat bird in bed next to you.
How could i forget waking up the next morning and looking forward to doing the same shit all over again!!!!

A sad day when Choppers burnt down - a sad day for the Corps and a sad day for the insurance company !!!!!
Can't say i ever went into the Naafi bar at Wallop.Ahh but choppers now that is a different story.Ship hole but still good fun when all the lads pop in on mass and caos ensues.
I was there in 1990 and went back a couple of years later with 664 boxing team and f@ck me the same beer goggle beauties were still there.
I also remember drinking a bitch drink called red witches and driving the porcelin bus for most of the night.(to this day the smell of anaceed(spelling)still makes me yak.
Get Soldiers Back behind the taps! Jock

Nag worked a treat!
It's going to get worse, trust me. At RAF Halton there was a nice burger van, a few good bars and the mess was seperate from everything else.

Then pay as you dine came along. The burger van was booted off camp, the bar and shop were taken over by the company running the mess. So basically when they move in they take over everything and as they have no rivals they can charge/do what they want. The future is sh*t.
Germany is the same..........Spotty unshaven 19 - 20 year ols naafi workers.........and thats just the women. PAYD will eventually Americanise the mess system. The small bars and PRIs are being shut out and even the good old chicken van has been replaced with a naafi chicken grill. Thats if it ever works. They are even trying to get the Stadt to stop licencing some camp gate busnesses.

I will always remember Chopers from 1981 to its destruction. I remember a very entertaining stripper combo in the naafi bar. A young blond chick and I think she brought her gran to help her. After that was a black male stripper who ended up in a scrap with a husband for grabbing his wifes and and shoving it don his loincloth. Laugh..........By the way......I think I had the same Pernod and blackcurrant bowel dropper as space cadet in 1981. Failed my Signals for that cos I ended up in Hospital with Alcohol poisoning.
TheWarden said:
. Failed my Signals for that cos I ended up in Hospital with Alcohol poisoning.
No No No

I'm willing to bet Three English pounds that you failed your signals for a far more simple reason.

Fcuk, Cnut, Tw@t, p1ss, t1ts and w@nker are neither aids to accuracy, brevity or form any part of radio discipline.

Having you on a wireless would be like giving a man with Turettes Chris Moyles job :D

Warden, in brief you are a vulgarian that cnuting well swears every second bastardl word......... Go on, deny it :D :D

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