I know. Flash you been invited to Leeanne and Daleks do??


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Hey, hey -

I've already told you guy's - I'm not marrying anybody unless it's David Beckham, Or at least resembles him (and also has a big bulging pocket of cash for me to spend in IKEA)!!

Does anybody have his number? :p

If you have'nt - I will start to  :'( :'( :'(!
I've got it! I think it's 2 or something...  :-/


War Hero
I think you mean number 7, if your talking about his squad number...................... Told you us Women knew more about football!!! :) :)


just came in here to see if any of trogs family were about coz i got some jiz to unload and too lazy to have a wan*
NAFFI chicks arnt as bad as the desperate for sex russian birds we have out here! but then i suppose who cares that they cant speak a word of english and each time they come in their skirts seem to have lost a bit more of the hem!  ;)
you got it in one! DPM_vest+pants ;),personally they are not my style but one of the blokes that owns the bar paid 8,000 for one off the net! strange :-/ if you ask me!!!!,and i take it you have experience of se russians!!! ;)lol
Oh to be back in Nicosia with all those lovely Russian, Ukranian, Belarus and Latvian birds. All stunning and willing to please  ;)

When's the trooper leave Brize and can I get on it??


Pilot, the air troop flight leave every wednesday morning, although the URR at the moment cannot move for restrictions.   So unless you trap in dannys bar or QUAMs  you have two hopes


;) NAAFI SLAPPERS, if you are gonna do it  then do it in style...BIN BUNNIES win.. cream cant remove that rash :-X


War Hero
Sorry people, can't slag them off anymore........As I am now a dedicated member of the NAAFI bar staff!!

Watch out.........WOOF WOOF :eek: ;)

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