Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by leeanne, Feb 9, 2002.

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  1. Come on then boys, who's done one of those FAT NAAFI SLAPPERS THEN???

    Don't be ashamed to admit it!!!!!!! :-[
  2. Years ago. The rash has only just cleared up! Still got the cream though.

    You can't prove a thing. ;)
  3. It's good that you've kept the cream for next time!!!

    Just make sure that you visit your nearest GU MED for a routine check-up just incase!!! hahaha
  4. Leeanne, have you checked you instant thingy? Message I mean, not a rude word!
  5. No way would you catch me doing one of those horrible stinking slappers, i would´nt even do it with Lord flashpants even with the cream on and ten condoms.

    More to the point i´m happly married
  6. That hurts, trog. How do you know you might be my type!?! :eek:
  7. Hey Flashy,

    You never know here........ He might actually be what your really looking for in life!!!!! ;D

    He might even give you his number!!!!!!

    Hehehehehehehehehe ::)
  8. No i don´t do AAC but i know a woman who does here is the number
    0898 69 69 sex
  9. That your mums number? :p ::) :eek: ;D :eek:
  10. no thats slighly different you´re muggling up my mum with your sister ;D
  11. Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch - your worse than us women!!! 8)
  12. Leeanne. Which Fat NAAFI slappers are you referring to? The ones employed by NAAFI or the ones that frequent NAAFIs?

    By the way ever noticed how if a guy shags every female that moves, he is a top guy. If a girl shags every bloke that moves she is a slag; and if she doesnt she is a lesbian!! Why is that?
  13. Hey Leeanne how can you moan about the NAAFI Slappers when you are even one of them. ;D
  14. Tara, You're absolutely right!!!

    FINALLY - A male that has actually noticed it..........I have a name for these type of's quite simple is MALE SL*TS!!

    Do you know of any??? ;D

    And Flashy - I keep forgetting about these message boxes, Thanks for reminding me!!!! ;D ;D ;D
  15. Nothing wrong with sluts, male or female!!!!