It's good that you've kept the cream for next time!!!

Just make sure that you visit your nearest GU MED for a routine check-up just incase!!! hahaha


No way would you catch me doing one of those horrible stinking slappers, i would´nt even do it with Lord flashpants even with the cream on and ten condoms.

More to the point i´m happly married
Hey Flashy,

You never know here........ He might actually be what your really looking for in life!!!!! ;D

He might even give you his number!!!!!!

Hehehehehehehehehe ::)
Leeanne. Which Fat NAAFI slappers are you referring to? The ones employed by NAAFI or the ones that frequent NAAFIs?

By the way ever noticed how if a guy shags every female that moves, he is a top guy. If a girl shags every bloke that moves she is a slag; and if she doesnt she is a lesbian!! Why is that?
Tara, You're absolutely right!!!

FINALLY - A male that has actually noticed it..........I have a name for these type of's quite simple is MALE SL*TS!!

Do you know of any??? ;D

And Flashy - I keep forgetting about these message boxes, Thanks for reminding me!!!! ;D ;D ;D
I try to be a male s lut whever I can, but I'm justified.. honest!..  You see it's the method of my quest for a woman that I can wake up next to and not immediately want to go and drink beer with my mates and tell them what happened.  One that I can be truly happy beside. That girl will be the one I marry!

Jeez.. can't believe I admitted that to myself.. never mind about a possible billion or so people!  :-/
At least your honest..Maybe you should put that on the new jokes post in the Tall Srories block!! haha

I'm only winding you up - You really seem a bit different to all the other Squaddies! I thought that they all lived under the same braincells!!!! ;)
Well Cilla Black used to ask that question on Blind Date when Romance was in the air!

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