NAAFI Shop disappearance

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by boney_m, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Apologies to all of you who have put items in the naafi shop.

    3 reasons for its disappearance. Firstly, the land at that end of the island has been lowered and flattened with a view to putting some sort of combat sim on it - this left the shop about 6 feet in the air. As we were no longer complying with current accessibility legislation, and disabled islanders could no longer get it, it had to go.

    Secondly, Bing is putting up a building on the end of the square which will be the PRI shop - there will be space for people to sell goods in here.

    Lastly after bits of the buildings had been deleted several times and replaced using a p1ssed spirit level, it looked a bit of a dogs dinner and was begging to be replaced.

    No one has lost anything, all items have been returned to their owners.
  2. yup mostly me
  3. Request that my shop be moved up next to bings one? Make things a little neater perhaps... :)
  4. It turned into a Spar, perhaps?

  5. While we are at it there is a building I have just constructed to the right of the new NAAFI/PRI under the race track.

    Any ideas for its use?

    Jailhouse? Armoury? Cookhouse?
  6. Things we need/want

    - Guard house

    - Pub

    - Armory

    - Pier would be nice

    - Flat beaches

    - Maybe a cinema? Its possible, and I err could upload some movies for you... *Ahem*
  7. When the mess re-appears, GCO has a telly for in there that streams films.

    Flat beaches is something i'll have a look at. Its quite difficult to get the land right, because changing small parts often impacts on the rest of the Island. The flatter the land, the more difficult it is to blend in the hills properly. But i'm sure a flat beach can be created somewhere so you can get your lard out and tan. Doesnt matter for me, i havent got any skin.

    Why do you want a pier?

    Guard House/Armoury. Bing has spoken about creating these around the square. It would be better if a purpose was thought up for the buildings - rather them just sitting there looking good.

    The Naafi bar is a pub - Minxy is chief decorator and interior design guru for the naafi and if a portion of it needs to be developed into a "pub" area, speak to her first. I dont see why not tho.
  8. I was thinking more a long the lines of a good ole British pub...
  9. Do you think that the mess building could be decorated to achieve this? I quite like the idea, but eventually we will run out of land!!

    You also asked if your shop could be moved up to the PRI. How about just moving your vendors into the PRI? Square it with Bing, he owns the building but it keeps everything in one place.
  10. Less lag aswell. More money going down the drain :D
  11. Already spoken to Eoghan and told him it's okay to use space in the PRI. Anybody else who wishes to do so is welcome as long as they let me know first.
  12. Once i know how to make burets i might be interested. Nearly got the hang of it.
  13. Gnah! There it is again! Gawd you guys at arrse are the only people I know who acctually type in their accent!

  14. Everyone knows it is a Berry.

  15. BERET.