NAAFI Political Correctness

I think it's high time that the NAAFI bar caught up with political correctness, some of the language used and attitudes displayed here are quite beyond the pale.

I think we should start with the language, I suggest that the words: Moist, Mollusc and Wimpel, by nature of the vile and lascivious imagery which they may conjure in young impressionable minds, should be forcibly removed from the English language and frog marched off to France where they belong.

Having typed them I will now have to burn my keyboard!
Think of the children!!!dear god won't someone think of the children...............
Turgid is a good word, surely that cant be banned
"Work" is a word and activity that should be banned and sent to France for those work-shy euro handout merchants to try.
what about slightly pervy engineering terms, such as flange, gusset & line boring? are they acceptable to you?
I think we should get rid of the words that have appeared from the septics and send them to our garlic friends, including those that have no meaning at all such as Paradigm and Synergy, I think they are really expletives diguised as US tripe.

as in " why dont you stick your synergy up your paridigm" 0r vice versa of course.
Teenage soapy tit wank... We can still say that I hope!

Bah! It's political correctness gone mad!!!
Outreach ..... is a word that needs to be burned at the stake. Along with empowerment, marginalisation; scapegoating; protean, quiche, no, and .... ?
Ooh ooh... Can we burn the word 'inclusiveness' at the stake please?

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