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NAAFI mafia?

Any truth in the rumour that 102 Log Bde is/was being leaned on by NAAFI to keep the ban in force for Sammy's/Twin Temple (just down from PRB) in order to keep profits up?
I was there on the night of the incident which led to the initial ban and sad as it was - it was 2 or 3 years ago. Just wondering because almost every time I drive past he's shut. When it is open, there are only ever two or three bods (civs) in there even though he has clearly spent money on the place.


I wouldn't be at all surprised, there's plenty of history for such activities, on the grounds that competition 'reduces what the NAAFI, as a non-profit making supplier can return to its customers'. Many a unit bar has had this sort of threat raised against the vital service that they provided.
From my understanding when I was in PRB: The ban is still in force because they do not want large groups of drunk squaddies staggering back down a very dangerous road. (There have been a lot of fatalities on that stretch of road over the past 10 years) Where as if you getted p1ssed up in town you invariably get a taxi back (or at worst - only walk back in smaller numbers!)

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