Naafi Grrrr

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by FNUSNU, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Just been into the Naafi to buy Mother's Day cards. I think I'm now bankrupt. Not only are they overcharging again but thre wasn't even a price list up to check against (though they are worth it of course). Same thing on Valentine's day, codes on the back but no price lists. I buy eveything I can downtown, but there's a few bits that can't be sourced anywhere else.
    Didn't Naafi loose the contract to Spar in the UK because of overcharging their captive audience?
    Naafi serving the forces, at a premium.
  2. Ah but there we have the crutch of the matter they are not a "welfare organisation" same thing happened with all of the newspapers suddenly we are paying the same as if we had bought if from a german shop.
  3. I think it should be a 'not for profit organisation', but that's just wishfull thinking.
  4. Thing is the Naafi know that we 'need' them! They have us by the short and curlies as they know we can't get nice cards anywhere else. I've always hated Naafi for that reason but I still have to go there for bits. Drives me nuts!
  5. I am currently in Germany for a few days, covering for a colleague. I called, out of nostalgia, into the Osnabruck NAAFI the other day, and was struck by how appalling it is.

    That much of the stock was overpriced came as no surprise. The whole place had the depressing atmosphere of an Eastern-Bloc shop in Cold War days - dimly lit, scruffy and manned by the most unhelpful creatures I have come across in a long time. They were far more interested in the thudding 'choons' coming from the incredibly loud stereo on top of the freezers than doing any work.

    Still, the only people shopping seemed to be those who can't manage without a trolley full of Pot Noodles and Iceland processed crap, so everyone else seems to have got the message.
  6. Had to laugh a few months ago when on a Garrison conference a certain infantry RSM stated, in front of the whole audience, that he would like to fire bomb the NAAFI for selling drink too cheap and causing him too many discipline cases, the silence was deafing....brilliant!!
  7. Why did you shop there then? You could have gone somewhere else, shopped online or any multitude of things.
  8. Anyone who has served for a while in HM Forces shouldn't really need reminding that NAAFI is an acronym for "No Ambition And Fcuk All Interest" :wink:
  9. When in Germany, I always used to shop in German shops apart from high tax items that were tax free in the NAAFI such as fags, spirits, perfume and the occasional electrical or luxury item.

    The situation will have been made worse by PAYD and the closure of the few outlets on camp that used to give the NAAFI a bit of competition in the cards/papers/magasines and sweets area.

    If only NAAFI could be like AAFES which gives a "lowest price guaranteed" sort of deal, charges US prices (tax free) wherever you are in the world, and prides itself on good service to the US Troops.

    Unfortunately, in my experience, those who shop most in the NAAFI are those who can least afford their inflated prices - the wives of Pte Soldiers and JNCOs.
  10. Used to be you had to go to the Naafi for baked beans and the like. Now even Heinz beans are 10% cheaper in Real than they are in Naafi. The thing that really gets my goat though is that in the last 6 months the pound has fallen 20 cents against the euro but their prices are the same. As soon as the pound goes up though they raise their prices.

    Real rip off merchants.
  11. Yeah and what about there exchange rates as well when using a British card.

    Only go there to buy stuff I can't get in German shops and the tax free obviously. :wink:

  12. So then Michael you have resorted to the tried and tested petitions route.

    NAAFI (of for you NAFFI) must be quaking in their boots.
  13. NAAFI are on their way out anyway.

    The only real contract they have now is BFG.

    If you don't shop there, nothing to whinge about?
  14. Not quite right as there is NAAFI worldwide including in Camp Bastion. Should they pull out?