NAAFI Girl of The Month

Err.. To be honest I have had worse (red faced smiley).


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Miss July!
Biped said:

Miss July!

She would have been regarded as a Princess after six months up country in Aden in the 60s. I would have been first in. Well, I would if I could have beaten Murph to her.


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leveller said:
In this PC ridden world dont forget equality, so here's one for the girls :D
Why would I be interested in him when i can have this fine specimen???


Jaisus, but there's some fückin' grotesque folks around and no mistake!


Feck Me! Even the lovely Vicky Hambleton Jones cannot knock ten years off this bitch. :wtf:

And even though Gok Wan's a botty bandit, he would chuck at the thought of getting this to look good naked. :pukel:
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