While at work today, we thought of an event and thought that there may be a few of you who wish to join in.

The first event is "What happens if......". The name of the event says it all - choose an item at random and see what happens when (in this case) heat is added :!:

The rules are simple: Anything goes until someone is injured or the fire brigade (when they feel like working) have to intervene.

To kick it off, we went for the deep fat frying of a kids burger bun. After leaving the bun in the fryer for a good half hour, apart from it going brown, there was no sign of having any use for the fire blanket. So we lobbed it in the bin; who could have guessed that a kids burger bun is the new silent killer. It burns its way through plastic bin liners!! Who'd have thought burger buns could be lethal? WHAT ARE THE CHANCES :!: :!: :!: :!:

Any ideas for other events or continuing the "What happens if......" theme are more than welcome

GAME ON :!: :!: :twisted: :twisted:
golddust said:
You just gotta start getting out and about mate. Life has just gotta be a laugh a minute with you around. :)

It wasn't just me doing it, i thought some of you might have had that tapped sense of humour but maybe i was wrong :?

My partner in crime says "Life is always full of laughs when we do shifts :!: Some people have never lived :!: "
Burger relish is also very decieving and deadly as when you put it in the deep fat fryer it sinks to the bottom.Harmless and dull i hear you say but given a few seconds the faint rumble turns to a roar as hot fat is blown out of the fryer ,covering everything within 5 feet!!

Evil evil condiments........

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