Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. Whats the score with NAAFI/EFI personnel on Ops? Judging by their website, some become members of the TA and gain rank due to being NAAFI staff. Couple of questions.

    1. Who pays for their 'mil training'? One of the video interviews suggests they do basic training at Bulford or all over the country. What does this consist of and why do they need to do weapon training?

    2. What rules do they come under if in fact they are members of the TA but only NAAFI/EFI? Mil law?

    3. If captured, under GC, are they given POW status? They seem to have the choice of being uniformed dependant on location-TA or not.

    Have the NAAFI formed their own milita?

    Any NAAFI/EFI drones out there who can give me some answers please?
  2. They used to have rank equivalents to their system rather than the Army Shop asst = Cpl, assistant manager = Sgt , area Manager = WO2 or something like that. Their basic was just that basic not even the same as the TA Basic just a bit of first Aid, WHT etc.

    They had to sign on as TA to deploy to Operational Areas as we had a no civvies policy but that was back in the old days.
  3. As far as I know EFI (Expeditionary Forces Institute) is the military branch of NAAFI.

    One of them got the DSM in the Falklands for manning action stations with GPMG rather than throwing stale pasties at pucara jets.
  4. Is that the Distinguished Serving Medal?
  5. From that I presume their training comes out of the TA budget.

    Why do you fancy it as as your next assignment?,_Army_and_Air_Force_Institutes

    Edit to add
    Yep, same link as above.

  6. Even they have to abide by LOAC.
    Of course these days he'd have got a Courageous Restraint medal.
  7. The naafi is akin to Sangin when they run out of pies for the REME.
  8. I always thought that the EFI came under the RAOC TA, didn't they use to wear the RAOC Stable Belt? Substitute RLC now of course now they've been demoted to a TLA.
  9. AIUI they are sponsered reserves rather than "ordinary TA" so their employer pays their costs - although since its the NAAFI paying thats still, sort of, us.

    The same as TA, when mobilised they are subject to Millitary law

    They are millitary so have POW status, although so do MoD civil servants in theatre, the only difference is you could deliberatly shoot the EFI manager, you could only incidently target the Civil Servant. Not that our current opFor really care about LOAC. The main advantage is that your can guarantee to get sposered reserves by activating them
  10. Bit better than that - he shot down a Skyhawk...
  11. Here is a link which will explain a lot of what you are after


    EFI staff are normaly recruited from existing NAAFI staff and are EFI for a normal 6 month tour, but can choose to stay on permenantly.
    many EFI and NAAFI are ex forces but those who arnt need basic weapon handling and first aid for obvious reasons,EFI,s are usually in a rear echelon but its still a war Zone. As for funding the NAAFI is government run.
  12. The women are particularly skilled. The fat and ugly ones could be found hanging seductively round the EFI pool tables with the part timing c*nts and the ones whose bottoms had yet to go South and who still retained a doe eyed look were to be found in the contractors lair, being speared nightly and securing five finger discounts for the boys
  13. Perhaps I'd better explain how this works:

    A serving (or ex-serving ) member asks a question based on something from his serving life. Immediately those who have never served swarm all over the thread giving everyone the benefit of two years war gaming / paintballing / cadet balling / re-enactment and their inside knowledge.
    One or two of the serving or ex might pontificate on their experience and use this to either abuse the original poster or the subject of the question.
    At no time does anyone want to refer to the truth or have any logical means of solving the conundrum at their disposal. If you want answers fcuk off to ask Jeeves with your links and sensible attitudes, this is ARRSE, the truth has no place here Tubbs!
  14. Hi - been lurking for years and finally something's come up I know a bit about!

    Yep, MiT, you're right! I joined EFI in mid-80s (direct and no NAAFI "shop/club" experience); we joined the TA, were attested to be "regulars" and most of us were given full-screw rank.

    Basically, no-one could tell we weren't RAOC - same cap badge/stable belt etc.

    I spent six months in sunny Port Stanley, living on Coastel II and working in a warehouse on that huge floating dock down there (FIPASS) alongside RAOC and RCT stevedores - had a great laugh!

    "Basic" was very basic for me - I did about 5hrs marching up and down and running (in my own time) - the only weapons handling I did was firing a few mags out of a Sterling SMG on the ranges down there...more of a danger to ourselves than any Argie :D

  15. They're "relevant civilians" under the terms of the Armed Forces Act 06 and are subject to military law.