Discussion in 'RLC' started by Mike_2817, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. NAAFI/EFI Canteens in Iraq & now Afghanistan issue POGS (Small Change Tokens) I am told. Does anyone have any info on them? and what the designs are??

  2. Yes! I was just wondering that too...
  3. Crappy bits of cardboard instead of coins. Loads going round and some were fetching a good price in ebay recently.
  4. Really, I have a load from when i was on Telic, might get em sold although knowing my luck the other half will have "tidied" them somewhere never to be seen again.
  5. They did some holographic type one's at some point, apparently collectors love them, sad twats.
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  6. Well so far we know POGS are 'crappy bits of cardboard' but not what the images look like!

    Pogs were popular in the 90's as a game as well as for swoping as in 'trading cards' and have been used by NAAFI/EFI and the US AAFES shops since Iraq

    What is there real purpose? is it to cut down on small change or what?

    How many differant designs are there?
  7. When Iraq kicked off, there was very little spare change in theatre (it cost money to move money and obviously notes are cheaper to move than coins) People where getting abit arsey having round up to the nearest dollar everytime they wanted a can of coke. I think it was the yanks who introduced the pogs first as an answer to the problem.
    Knowing the EFI/NAAFI they are probably making money out of it because people will change real money (notes) for cardboard being knocked out by some chogie. Then these bits of cardboard get lost/put in the wash/taken back to the UK.
  9. 8) Consructive answer if I ever saw one.
  10. Man up wet pants, the Naafi has been fecking everyone out of their small change for years

    Only good for swapping out with the LECs
  11. Back on R&R at the moment and my bloody wallet and Cbt Jkt pockets are full of them. Yes, they are in use and a pain in the arse. You never end up using them and the Tp just end up putting them in a tin where at the end of tour we are going to go to the EFI and exchange them. But Ebaying them maybe better. :D
  12. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    There are at least 3 types that I can recall - EFI, AAFES (PX) and even Pizza Hut seem to have their own!

    I'm sure that some poor sad people will collect them - after all, they are only a sort of colourful 'coin', so why not?

    If I get bored at the weekend I'll scan a few in - I've got a load in a shoebox from HERRICK, and possibly some TELIC ones as well.
  13. and all of a sudden I regret giving the box of pogs to my 3 yr old to destroy.....

    Had loads of holo ones and lots of the desperate dan ones, which seem to be fetching waaay over face value
  14. Found a site this morning which shows them!

    More than I imagined, so possibly are aimed at collectors.