Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by beekay1943, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone remember the NAAFI Club in Aberdeen (see postcard). If so, where about was it situated?

  2. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    In Scotland, maybe?
  3. Wild stab in the dark possibly Bridge of Don Barracks.
  4. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Hong Kong!
  5. I think it was situated on 'Git ta fu ya bassa' street
  6. Try Auld Yin.....I think he's the baldy guy reading the paper.
  7. That looks like one of the roads leading off Union street, either to the docks or train station?
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I thought it was Aberdeen Barracks in Honkers too
  9. There was some sort of G'Daffi in Aberdeen in the early 50's. My old fella was a Gordon and him and his mate went diffy from Brig o' Don one night and headed off into the town. The story as he told me was that they bumped into my Grandad, who'd recently left the mob and my Great Uncle, who was a serving CSM at BoD. Anyway, after they'd necked a few, my Grandad asked my Dad if he was out on an overnight pass, to which the old fella replied "No, we've just buggered off for the night", or words to that effect. My Great Uncle promptly arrested my Dad and his mate and took them back up to BoD and jailed them.
  10. It's definetly not the NAAFI from Gordon Barracks at the Bridge of Don. I think Sanchauks suggestion of Bridge St or Market St could well be right.
  11. no steep enough for market st. and there are no hookers so its no the docks.
  12. Thanks RMA1 and LEGZ30 for the intelligent replies to my query. To the others - I now know where to find a new asshole after digesting all your rubbish!! Why waste your time and the forum space!
  13. Could be on Market Street, will make a few enquiries with family.
  14. thats what i think
  15. I think it may be on the Stell Rd the building looks familiar