NAAFI Chief gets the boot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by WitchfinderGeneral, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. The head of the NAAFI in Germany has had to pack his kit and go back to UK under a small cloud. Plus another has fell on his sword.

    So if you would like a £150K a year and think you can run a “past its best” retail outlet on the continent, applications on a till receipt to. NAAFI: HR Department ,Monchengladbach, Germany.

    Remember the Army’s motto “Be the Best”

    or the Naafi’s motto, “Not quite the worst”
  2. not due to the crap payd then....
  3. Probably down to crap performance (of the Naafi! I cant comment about his personal life)
  4. Any link or whiff of story?
  5. If it's down to the reputation of the establishment as a whole then it's a deserved sacking. I can't think of a company I hate more or trust less.
  6. If I was a betting man I reckon you are closer to the truth than you think Pup!!! 8O
  7. Had it at my last place, sh1te!

    Getting it soon here under sodexho, oh dear......
  8. He's probably going to sneak throught the backdoor and get a job running Sodexho. All he needs is a black horse, mask and a couple of pistols and he's got the job. The NAAFI isnt that bad luckily I cut up my 200%APR NAAFI Chargecard over 15 years ago. Who's he been caught shagging then W_F_G spill the beans mate.
  9. Unfortunatly his own wife, shocking!
  10. No body sleeps with their own wife anymore- nearly pay day so I stand corrected.
  11. Why do you think I'm on here?
  12. Iron, however much I would like to say he was caught with the CO’s wife on the billiard table by the Orderly Sergeant, I can’t. Seem’s that he was just crap at his job and the NAAFI is losing money faster than an Ethiopian chicken.

    Mind you, it is strange that he has had the brown letter, usually in defence circles he would have been promoted and moved on to something less demanding, like Chancellor of the Exchequer (now, I think that jobs becoming vacant soon, I bet Dez Brown hope’s his CR’s up to it).
  13. Outstanding, this is hot of the press and verified independently. I suspect that there may be some more blood on the carpet before the month is out.
  14. As a small aside, a couple of people here have slagged off Sodexho. While being in no way connected to them, they provide the catering at several establishments here in Budapest, including my old offices at KPMG.

    I found that they provided excellent food (properly prepared, tasty, hot, etc) for almost buggerall money (2quid for a sterling belly lining dish of turkey breast strips in a honey and almond sauce with large portion of rice/chips and a drink), with no dish repeated more than twice a month.

    God forbid the fault lies with the Ministry of Dunces for negotiating a cr@p contract that shafted the soldier while saving about 5p per day for the Treasury.
  15. Im only going on the poor start they have had since they've started running the messes in Colchester. Sgt Mess bills and costs for functions are disgusting and the way they are behaving like Gestapo over Squadron bars and other things in the Garrison. They are driving a big wedge in our social lives with the penny pinching pays and have seen lots of problems with debit/credit card transactions from the shops one lad was charged 12 times for the same transaction(got it back in the end) but didnt help as he was away on exercise abroad so couldnt get any money at the time. I had a dozen transactions from the pads shop that took 6 weeks for it came out of my account, luckily I accounted for it but I know a few young couples who didnt but Sodexho said it was a computer error. If you go into the shop and get the offers 95% of the time they dont come off the bill again when you speak to the staff its a computer/till error. Sodexho havent won many people over yet and dont treat there staff much better. I wonder how many officers/ ex officers have shares in the company :?
    Rant over