Naafi cash machines

Dont know if this is the right place for this but here goes. I went to the cash machine in the Naafi the other day and got 20 euro out. One day later i went to my bank to get a statement, i nearly poo'd myself when i realised that for the (privilidge) of using the machine they charged me 6 euro. Does anyone else think this is slightly high or am i just getting old?
It's the same everywhere UK too. Bloody robbin b'stards! I'm sure some MP was on about it a while back. Give your MP a shout and see what the score is - make them earn their money!

If in Eurotasticville - get a local account - get cash out in advance!
Are you in Germany? In UK most NAAFIs will do cashback at the till for free (Given a £5 purchase usually). Not Ideal but better than paying and getting nothing back for it.
You could look out for one of the 90 free-to-use Forces Financial cash machines on military establishments in the UK, because every time you withdraw cash Help for Heroes receives a 5p donation, and you are not charged for the transaction.

We are currently discussing a potential non-charging solution for ATMs in BFG, which would prevent the charges you described, which we suspect may have resulted from a foreign transaction charge levied by your UK bank.

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