NAAFI breaks.......


What was your favourite scoof at NAAFI break and where...?

1st Choice:

What: The original NAAFI minced beef & onion pastie with brown sauce.

Where: At any NAAFI in UK.

2nd Choice:

What: Bacon & Cheese on toast.

Where: Wives Club Cafe / bar @ 3 B.A.D. Bracht. BAOR.

Any takers.....?


Any toastie from the AAC Arborfield NAAFI in '76-'77, just to hear Linda shout "Toastie", in a bad English accent, with an associated speech defect. Instantly echoed by all in there with "Toastie" at the top of the lungs, mimicing the accent/defect. Timeless, you had to be there!
Barclays_Banker said:

A truly **** thread, but fcuk me, I haven't heard that for over 15 years, outstanding!!! :D :D


When I was in Munster it was cold cheese and onion pasties and a pint of milk. The jocks I worked with in Crewe in 02 used to announce the sandwich wagons arrival over the tannoy as: "Oy Yous lot the butty bitch is in!"
In Montgomery Lines (5 AB Bde), we had a multitude of choice at varying times of the day, starting with the Sally Bash vehicle at about 9.30 am doing cheese rolls, onto Naafi break about 11 ish for a pie then in the afternoon the Tony Bell wagon turned up, it was an Italian fella in an ice cream van that served skanky burgers but we still ate them. It was a surprise that any of us could walk let alone run and tab!


Cheesy beans on toast and a brew from the 10%er at the Jacko, Gib Barracks
melted cheese on spagetti hoops from the silkman cafe , krefeld lines jhq. Just to hear the filipino bird shout " cheesey hoops".
chicken and mushroom pie with a hole carefully scooped in the top of it and then filled up with brown sauce, washed down with a pint of milk, any naafi anywhere, fcuking luuuvley.


couldn't beat the brocky wagon down the sheds on a january morning,

maybe wolfgang in on ex in winter frites mit mayo, amazin :thumright:


Kinloss NAAFI wagon used to do the most amazing chicken & veg pies not to mention the old Jock Pie!
I'll never forget trying to pull out a sucked-in Chiefy on SLTA 81, took us ages to get the ARV in there and everyone's covered in slime...

Next thing we see this friggin Mercedes van pulls up alongside, the side flaps up and the Herman pops his capped head out, gives the burnt out fusebox smile and says; "Guten tag, was moechen sie? Bratwurst, pommes..."

fcuk knows how he got that wagon in some of them places, must have known it like the back of his hairy hand and always knew the right time to show up.


Without a shadow it is a Bacon and Cheese roll (one of the german rolls that was a little bit harder than the Brit rolls) that was then put in the microwave for 20 seconds to melt the cheese. Sweet baby jeeeeeeezuz that was the food of the gods.

With Tomato sauce and a big mug of tea there was no better...

The Brew Inn, Lippstadt....

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