naafi bird/chick

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by horse, Oct 28, 2004.

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  1. where are you
  2. go to home which is at the top of here- then look right- and it says naaf bar- click n it ;) u'll find me there- if not...the other guests will entertain u! ;)
  3. Why is this in Current Affairs?
  4. lol no idea- was a nig who started it so.....
  5. I'd say it's the start of a very current affair....... :roll:

    I'm sure it'll be removed in the morning viro....

    Beebs :?
  6. cause horse misread as Current @ss and is looking for a date?
  7. OI easy on the imagination ladies....! ;)
  8. Yeah it might have stayed in Current Affairs till the morning, if I ever slept :evil:
  9. PTP- u should try talking to some of our officers- will put u to sleep in no time ;)

  10. good job horses arrse...two whole posts and you have already p!ssed off PTP and all in an effort to pick up some bird with saggy norks :D :D :D
  11. u wish i had saggy norks- just so u could reach 'em - u fookin dwarf homo! :D
  12. ctauch i'm never rude, but it's 0200 and i'm tired so i can be and tomorrow i can say it's all down to lack of sleep so........

    does your d*ck reach your arrse? Yes? good, go f*ck yourself......

    Beebs xxxx
  13. Sorry got u confused with the slug...your hoop sags not your norks...and yous a bit mingy too :D :D :D

  14. why yes it does- u fookin cross dressing, cum sucker! but- how would u know- seen as thought u only give and recieve up the arrse...?

  15. Go girl 8O :lol: