Naafi Bar, what happened?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Aleegee1698, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. Its been far too quiet in the Naafi over the last 6 months, we ve not had any major dis-mantling of any Walts, no Wimmin bleating who are married to Kiddy-Fiddlers awaiting a Courts Martial, no major-arguments between TLF and ACAB, WTF is not going on?

    I ve reached the end of my originality tether, I ve tried and failed miserably with threads such as "The Argument Thread", "The Unadulterated Abuse Thread", and my latest offering, "School Recipes".

    Why is everyone being so nice and tolerant? Whats got into you lot? Even Jarrod s being nicer to Rearwords. Wonk_Mog is best mates with Hagar and AMMM, and Steven_Seagul had a few nice words with Lucrezia.

    I havent been abused for months.

    Sort it out.
  2. cunt.
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  3. Fuck yourself.
  4. Go fuck yourself.

    Edit; maggot.
  5. Get fucked you survivor of the abortion bucket, and fucking crawl back in. At least you and the other hats will have each other for company. TURD
  6. fucking 'I remember when naafi bar was better' walt.
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  7. Go back to bed you utter mongaloid cuntrag
  8. Drippy spactard.
  9. WTF! (blood pressure increase), Wanna fuckin know? (goes into an all-round keyboard defensive role), Cunts, see you at the next Arrse tour, you fuckin wait, fuckin Internet Ardmen, Keyboard Warriors,, Desperate Dan, wheres that fuckin Tenner?

    Ah........! Its worth the Thrupence electricity, "Welcome ome Son".
  10. Get fucked spunkmonkey, I owe you fuck all, oh, and he's not your son!!!!!!!

    You fucking Jaffa cunt
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

  12. Whoa there Tonto.

    Saying that you would slit Lucrecia's throat with a plank of wood out of boredom rather than hatred of cunts that try to sound upperclass online is not being nice.

    Shouldn't you be out on your chariot weeping uncontrollably while spouting shite about walts, reeking of Aldi homebrand ale?

    I hope you end up nailed to a cross like that other shit stiring carpenter cunt.

  13. Fuck off you windowlickingknobjockey and smash your whore of a grannys piss-stained bumhole in. Die cotdeath.
  14. Back off cuntybollocks, I'm the only one smashing grannies backdoors in. Capiche
  15. Bit late for that, you misbegotten hempseed.