NAAFI Bar fight!!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Jip Travolta, Feb 27, 2004.

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    Well, ok - not in the NAAFI but in Russia.

    Fcukin' priceless.

    >> Russian Kilroy <<
    Russia makes the cheapest and nastiest TV in
    the world. Check out this fight from their
    equivalent of Ricky Lake.


  2. Eagle, PMSL....... :lol:
  3. your normal tasteless standards Eagle, :D better than jery springer :!: :!: :D
  4. Are you sure that's not Minister Do-Bag's wedding vid?
  5. If it was my wedding vids it would show your Missus fluffing and being teamed by the bestman, groom and a bunch of twelve ushers :D
  6. Hmmm...?

    Looks like a scene right out of the Jerry Springer show. Trash TV at it's finest!

  7. Fcuking hilarious :lol: :lol: either well staged or they just can't fight :lol:
  8. The best part is by far the gut kick that started it all, All brides should have a dose of that on thier wedding day. :D
  9. Not forgetting kidney punches and liberal handfuls of sand to be used as a pleasant alternative to KY.
    Gawd, I post something once in a blue moon and you lot relegate it to the second page within 24hrs.


  11. better than Trisha anyway.
  12. It'd be better if it involved Trisha getting a kick in the guts............and then being drilled by three blokes.oh hang on, she's been there, done that!
  13. What an unusual comment
  14. Trying to get the top ten in one night? Will have to stay up later :D
  15. i had it.