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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Good job there was no brewery involved or no-one would have been pissed...

  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    OK, too obscure even for me! Can someone enlighten us Southern/Non-RSigs/Non-RA types as to what this was?

    Nothing to do with that joy that is CCRF, I presume?
  3. Nightly Aerial Activity?!!
    No ********* Allowed?
    Not About Americans?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    National Artillery Association prize giving.

    Highlights included:

    1) Not having accommodation booked properly*
    2) Getting up at 0800 on Saturday, then fannying around until 1030 to get in the Bombard OP - which was being fired at by 2 guns and the shrapnel barely hit the bunker
    3) The MLRS launch timings slipping, so we missed that in order to get into
    4) A series of presentations which were so littered with TLAs that they were barely intelligible.

    Still, the meal was a belter, the speeches mercifully short and the port flowing freely. It was also good to see the new 'Home of the Gunners'. The Mess is magnificent and the ante rooms will be as soon as the pictures are hung.

    And 103 did win best Regiment. We have the cup to prove it.

    It was good to see Blyth_Spirit (why did you leave so early?), HVM_Boy and many other faces.

    * May be the subject of another post...
  5. 103 best regiment???
    103 won the cup for the best gun regiment and they were runners up in the Queens cup (best TA regt) to 106 regiment. Who incidentally also won best naviagtion, best recce, best first aid, best mt.
    However it is important to mention that the majority of those trophies were won by my battery 210 battery.
    Agree with some of what you said regarding the weekend, it was very slow to start, we were waiting forever for the op bombardment, but that was partly due to the weather rather than bad organisation. However experincing the op bombardment was excellent aswell as seeing mlrs and light gun fire. It would of been a lot better if we were given timings.
    All in all though i thought it was a pretty good weekend.
  6. No I think you will find that 106 actually won the "Well done on forming a new Regiment prize". I hardly think that changing a wheel under H&SAW conditions is an act of war. (Neither is HVM or Rapier for that matter!). There was no consistency in the competitions which weren't judged by the GTT.
  7. I thought the weekend had a number of problems...

    1. tried to cram too much in
    2. for too many people
    3. in too many locations

    the result being...

    1. lots of hanging around
    2. lots of transport to various parts of SPTA
    3. not everyone gettign to see what they wanted (eg i didnt see mlrs).
    4. sh1te food (lunch in Rollestone camp was truly appauling)
    5. poor accommodation (although my room did have internet access, free coffee and a big tv - but then it was a TV room)

    The dinner was indeed a belter, with some satisfyingly short speeches, as was to beers-a-plenty afterwards.

    i think the highlight for me was seeing msr's dashing cravat on sunday morning. very smart.

  8. hehehe
  9. msr

    msr LE

    And you had to share it with 8 others...

    Thank you!

  10. ganymede is that a bit of sour grapes, 106 is not a new regiment, the only change has been one of there battery's leaving and 210 joining. This whole of TA gunners has seen a lot of change over the last two years not just 106 RA(V).
    Granted HVM and Rapier are not used much apart from the Falklands, however a number of our guys on op telic using CRAM which is taking out a number of rockets and mortars everyday at the COB. It is quite litterally saving lives every single day.
  11. The Truth often hurts!
  12. I am not the one who cant handle the truth i know our battery is the best at recce, navigation, rapier firing, best air defence battery, etc etc. Its you who cant seem to handle that fact.
  13. I think you misunderstand.

    I don't doubt you are very good at deploying a Rapier on top of the highest hill cunningly disguised as a bush in under 6 hours and then stand around postulating that if there was an aircraft in your arcs and the kit was working then you might have a chance of irritating it.

    Just that the skill is entirely irrelevant. The last time a missile was used on ops was when the 18/20 shot up 10 Bty.

    Whilst pike drill is very impressive on the Lord Mayor's parade I wouldn't advocate it for the modern army.
  14. I was lucky enough to be at the prize giving weekend, and the impresion I got was that the best prize was given first, thich went to 103 Regt RA(v).
    This to me , looked like winning the Premiership, not the 3rd division championship.
    It also looks like 210bty (well done for your acheivments) but you need to go out more, I mean come on !!! best MT ? best recce ? best first aid ? best nav ? whoope ! you all cant bethat bad ?? come on !
    103 Regt RA(v) used to be an AD bty, check your history, they were at the top in that division then, and now top in the premier
    Also 103RA(v) were also first in and last out of one of the mess's.
    210bty, have some fun on weekends , have a drink ! but well done !
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Both messes ;)