Hey, i posted a few months ago asking a few questions and stuff about my barb test, well the kind of good news is i got a 58, i was told it was above average but still very poor :D

The careers man said i have to go to a fun and fitness day on the 1st of june, can some one said tell me what this entails and what sort of things i will be expected to do.
Only if you take it out of context.
It's a clever cypher. If you can't figure it out then I suspect you are exaggerating your barb test score to appear cleverer than you are. In answer to your question I have no idea what a fun and fitness day is. I suspect it involves fitness and fun but am not qualified to give any specifics.

Hope this helps.

You might need the following kit

Spare underpants
change of socks
lifebuoy soap or trendy shower gel stuff
track suit or shorts and a t-shirt
some clothes to wear on the way home or in the evening
a pair of running shoes
flip flops (to wear in the shower) optional
matt040788 said:
...i was told it was above average but still very poor...
How can it be both 'above average' and 'very poor'?

If you are 'above average', then by definition you cannot be 'very poor'. If you are 'very poor' then you must - by definition - be 'below average.' Unless of course our 'average' candidates are 'utterly abysmal' - which I don't believe for a second.

Not slating you Matt - just wandering if we have any idea what we're up to in recruiting! :D
Have you seen the state of the average potential recruit? compare that average to the average that makes it to training and then the average that becomes a trained soldier.

Above average for potential recruits yet very poor against the maximum achievable?
Thanks for the help, i went and had a talk to my careers guy so everythings been sorted.

In repsonse to the poor/above average, I cant realy figure it out myself, but i think the careers guy meant i got higher than most of the chavs round my area(blackburn) but still poor because of the gcse's i achieved, if you can understand what i mean.

And i am not exagerating my barb test result, i just dont have a lot of common sense, wich i hope will soon change once a join.
No common sense eh?

Be a Royal Signals technician, or an officer. You'll fit right in
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