N00b, needs schooling!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Rick_Cochet, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi everybody, this is my first post (yey!),

    I'm a total n00b to shooting and thus need lots of educating! I'd like to get to a point where I know the pro's and cons of different ammo and different firearms and the reasons why. I'd like to be one of the people who can confidently say "so and so rifle is more suited to x because of y & z"...
    I know some snipers have conversion calculators (either real, or in their heads) for choosing what "grain" etc of round to use for a given shot - I don't, however, know what difference each type of round would make (in terms of weight / calibre)...

    I'd also like to be able to diagnose and fix any issue with any of my future fireams myself.

    One of the very few things I do know is that a smaller round will require less force to penetrate a given material than a larger on... I don't however know what differences in the round actually change the outcome - is it the muzzle energy (joules) or muzzle velocity or bullet weight or something else, or a combination of things?

    I also don't know heck about UK firearms LAW - other than if a UK citizen has a couple of good character witnesses, an OK reason to want a firearm (pests / sport) and can provide a safe / secure storage locker, the plod basically HAS to issue a FAC. I've got no idea about different categories of firearms though as I've read there are a couple of grey areas like secion 4.3 or section 7.1 firearms (whatever they are?) - where 99% of civvies can't really own them, but there are exceptions...

    To summarise, there are 3 major things that I'd like to become knowledgeable about:

    1) Ammunition
    2) Firearms
    3) UK gun law

    With regards to #1, as already stated, I'd like to know what ammo is best suited for a given purpose - and why. I'm also particularly interested in what UK legal ammo has the best ballistic coefficient - that's the term for "accuracy & power over long distance" right? As I get better and better at shooting, I want to move farther and farther from my target...

    I'm ultimately looking to purchase my first rifle, sign up to a local range and get shooting! I'm also friends with a couple of farmers who I'm sure would let me do a bit of shooting on their land (one of whom I know has an FAC himself). When I was speaking with this guy a couple of years ago, he mentioned something about having to use up his ammo by his renewal date otherwise he wasn't allowed to purchase any more, or something? - Can somebody fill me in on this?

    Also, what is the legal limit to how much ammo you can own in each calibre & shotgun shells?

    Obviously, I have a black-hole here that needs filling - although I don't want to know everything, I want all of my knowledge to relate to arms and munitions that I will actually be able to legally own and use myself! I don't expect for one second that all of you guys (and gals?) will sit here for hour upon hour filling in my knowledge, but if you could point me to some websites or articles or something, that would be awesome!

    Also, if anybody is in the south-east london / kent sort of area and fancies showing me around their local range in person (once I've got my FAC of course!) - that'd be cool too!.


  2. I read it all honestly,

    after reading plod HAS to issue you a FAC, my attitude toward you changed.

    Maths involved in trajectory momentum is O level Physics
  3. To be honest, I'm repeating something I read about 12 months ago on a similar forum - as I've admitted - I don't know jack about this subject! In fact, I've only ever shot about 10 times in my life - a few times with cadets (air training corps), once with a friend on his land, and a few times with air rifles (scouts + with friends)...

    I don't want to get off to a bad start after 1 post :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Yeah, I figured things would get complicated - but then aren't there plenty of folks who know lots about ammunition reccomendations regarding range / power / accuracy, but who don't know any physics at all?
  4. I meant to say projectile momentum.
  5. Do you like the fact that I didn't even notice? lol :oops:
  6. In practice, if you have secure storage, a "good reason" and are not mad or bad then Plod pretty much does have to issue you a certificate.

    It almost sounds like my own words.......... (If this is a targeted wind up I will get you! ;) )

    Trajectory momentum? Yeah whatever!
  7. LOL EX_STAB!! I was literally just pasting this quote of yours into this thread to show an example of the kind of thing I've read before which lead me to make that statement in my first post!

  8. you would do better going on the stalking sites,the stalking directory and places like that,always new people asking the same old questions,no fecker ever uses the search facilities,any way we are sad old pervs on here who really really should not have guns only pointy sticks.try em (dont tell em i told ya as they dont like me)
  9. i was the top sniper in the british army and the french special forces. pm me for any info you need
  10. Stating that you have a black hole that needs filling is a slightly dodgy starting point.

    And on the subject of starting points, why not investigate buying a moderately priced air rifle.

    On the whole the sort of knowledge you are referring to comes from experience rather than just facts gleaned second hand from others.

    Start shooting, begin to understand what you are actually doing and gradually the knowledge will come.

    That's not to say that you shouldn't do some reading on the subject.

    Should you be invited along on a shoot you could do a lot worse than reading and learning from the following:

    First shoot link

  11. Although you don't actually speak French - which must have been something of an impediment.
  12. top to bottom
    big rabbit
    fatwa rabbit

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  13. Where in the world are you caller?
  14. Lol!

    I'd certainly consider that, perhaps I'll get an air rifle at the same time as my first "proper" rifle - so that when I'm not at a range or on my friends' land, I can plink away as I please...

    Don't worry, I take everything I read on forums etc as a pinch of salt - also, as stated in my initial post, I'm not expecting to have you guys sit here typing out everything I need to know and I understand that isn't a good way to learn. No matter what it is, I tend to do lots of reading on the internet & sometimes buy a book or too and then I'll get the kit + practice myself, then come back to the reading etc - I've used this method with lots of things from photography to shaving with an old DE safety razor!

    I read that post last night - very helpful indeed! As is your post - thank you!
  15. Moi? It says just under my name mate! - London + Home Counties