N Wales Chief Constable gets Tasered

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabtastic, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. I know how everyone loves Richard Brunstrom; Lord of the speed camera, inquisitor of anyone who tells a Welsh joke and afficionado of any and all minutae that doesn't involve, you know, real police work.

    Well, chaps and chapesses, get some popcorn in the microwave, crack open a tinny and put your feet up, because the tube has put a video of himself getting tasered on the North Wales Police website.

  2. Why not get the guy doing the presentation to disable suspects by talking them into a coma.

    Not the boss,the PC.
  3. Maybe he can demonstrate the effectiveness of a Gloch next.
  4. Fair on him though, at least he had the guts to try it out himself.
  5. He's a bit behind the times - the CC of Greater Manchester got himself zapped a while back - probably to take his mind off getting burgled.


    If you find the versions where the shooter hasn't had his face obscured, you'll see the biggest grin in the world as he pulls the trigger on his boss!
  6. If he is trying out all equipment, can I get to smack him with a nightstick please? :twisted:
  7. :D His voice is now higher took a low shot :D
  8. Is this the twerp known the length and breadth of Britain as the 'Traffic Taliban' ?
  9. Referred to as 'Adolf' by some of his more disillusioned officers, or so I have been told.

    Also in charge of Op Artemis, the nationwide campaign to waste resources annoying landowners and gamekeepers in the cause of Hen Harrier preservation.
  10. msr

    msr LE

  11. It's herr brunstrom! :D
    I think i'm gonna download the video onto my ipod :D .
    So many people I know will be so pleased to watch him getting tasered :) .
  12. check out his right eye, pre and post tazer........

    Looks slightly narrower post tazer.....maybe this is a clear case of nuromuscle restraint/control?

    Oh....he's still a CUNT!!!!!
  13. Datum, knowing your location any simmering resentment vs Brunstrom and his merry men??

    NB he's a cnut of the first water
  14. They should have held a raffle for who got to fire it at the fecker...I'd have bought a speeding fines worth of tickets! His b@stard cameras have had me twice!
  15. Not up by Deeside Industrial estate by any chance? One of my lads goy an £80 fixed penalty for flicking the V's at a camera van while in the back seat of a car that was not exceeding the limit...

    And I picked up 3 points when I was in a funeral procession...

    Incidentally, if anyone sees a Travertine Beige E Class estate with small blue dots in the reversing lights bimbling around N. Wales that's the sanctimonious tw@t unless the taxpayer has shelled out for a new one. Not that I advocate making gestures or training seagulls to cr@p all over it...