n.o2 qualification badges?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MUTTSNUTTS, Nov 9, 2006.

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  1. Am i in the understanding that n.o2 badges are still worn???

    for example are combat infantryman class1 badges still worn even though we dont have bands and classes due to pay2000???

    if so what level would the infantry bayonet with laurel leaves be worn now?
  2. I believe the Class One infantry badges are still worn on No. 2s as are mortars, sniper, skill at arms instructor and antitank. I think you get a single bayonet on a diamond for passing Junior Brecon and crossed bayonets for passing Senior Brecon. I can't say I've seen anybody wear No.2 dress badges on working dress for quite some time.
  3. Wrong, single bayonet on diamond for Combat Infantryman, crossed bayonets for Junior Brecon Qualified,
    MUTTS Grades are still given its nothing to do with pay mate, Grade 3 is just out of depot, Grade 2 Experienced Tom and Grade 3 Senior Tom, These grades are given through time served and upgrading cadres, Well atleast in my unit they are!
    MUTTS, you're a tit see ya soon you foxpiss smelling cnut!
  4. Oi 3 you wuss - still interested in xmas bash????
  5. cheers n.o for that guess i'll have buy another badge asa my grade has gone up ......