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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by trombone84, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone here tried N.O Xplode?

    I know it locks you into your work out etc (which is exactly what I'm after), but does it make you mental?! A guy from college suggested it to me, but he's as mad a a box of frogs and I don't wanna end up like that!!

    Does anyone have any experiance of this stuff as I'm a complete noob to diet suppliments etc.

    Cheers guys
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  6. At risk of sounding thick, what do you mean by 'locks you into your work out'?

  7. Mentally and physically I'm done with running after about 15-20 minutes. My body feels shattered, but after a 5 or so minute rest I could go again, but by then i'm cooling down and if i try to go again i cramp up. I've been pushing further into this zone to improve my stamina, but it doesn't seem to be getting me very far.

    Also, running's boring me. I'm used to playing rugby as my phys, so there's always something keeping you alert. So something that would help me get past both of those barriers i guess is what I'm after.

  8. So you're looking for a mental stimulant more then anything?

    Caffeine in all honesty is your best bet. Try some taurine with it as well

    And keep at it
  9. I have a quite a high caffine diet as it is.

    The mantal barrier is the lesser of the two. I'm having no trouble getting out there, but like I said it's just dull. I guess what's motivating me to do this will have to motivate me some more!

    My main problem is that I don't seem to be getting any results from pushing myself further when I'm tired. And I know I'm not exhausted after 20 minutes (I'm not that unfit!), but somehow I'm holding back some energy which I can't get at. My diet is not bad, mainly veg, a little meat, and not much fried stuff and no more than 4 pints of Guinness a week.
  10. I'm sure you're aware of this, but a large intake of caffeine before a workout isn't the best idea. Whilst caffeine isn't the massive diuretic that people claim, however it can cause fluid-electrolyte imbalance, which can impair performance.

    If you're finding your training boring, as bone as this sounds, change it. Bring a partner into it, introduce weekly/fortnightly/monthly goals. Personally, I bought one of those Nike+/iPod sets. Online you can find a LOT of training programmes/aims. Very good bit of kit.


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  11. Be ashamed. Im a civvy who has only recently started doing phys again after 18 months without and I can easily run for an hour. You fat cnut.
  12. Same boat mate, i can run forever and be fine and have a convo while running but when it comes into tapping into that energy to maybe go alittle faster i cant get to it, i know what you mean though mate.

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  15. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Most supplements aren't worth the effort. You go on them and get results but stop taking them and 2 weeks later you are worse off than before. Personaly I find running more boring than car crash TV. 2 mins after I hit the boredom wall I fell KNACKERED. So basically I need to keep myself interested. Hence I usualy play trees or lamp posts when I run, or get a nasty hill program on a treadmill in the gym.