N.o 1 dress, blues, patrol jacket

Dont know if the MODS want to make this a sticky and put it somewhere.

Ive noticed quite a few post on arrse asking for N.o 1 and sometimes N.o 2 dress uniforms, here are the contact details for a military tailor based in Tidworth:

Hill Military Tailors
Ordanance Road
mob: 07760232931
email: hillmilitarytailors@hotmail.co.uk
website: www.hillmilitarytailors.co.uk

Ive used him to rent N.o 1 dress which totalled about £87.00 plus deposit, he also rents swords as well.

Hope this helps some of you chaps searching for uniforms.

He also currently is selling N.o 2 dress tunic and trousers for £10.00! obviously then he will tailor them as well very handy for any T.A chaps who want a set of 2's!

Walts please take note of the message at the bottom of the webpage!

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