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  1. Hello all.
    I have my numeracy and litracy test on the 14th of febuary & i have my barb test on the same day. Could anybody tell me what to expect because i new i was doing my barb test. But no one told me about the N&L tests.
    Any help would be great.

    many thanks :)
  2. Its relatively easy and only really assesses what level you are at rather than passing or failing you. So don't worry about it too much, if you wish to revise though, a good GCSE maths revision book will see you straight.

    What Corps/Regiment are you wishing to join?
  3. do you mean knew? there's a free lesson
  4. ive just done mine last week its quite easy m8 and its not a fail or pass test just an assment nottin to worry about
  5. I take it that you failed, or does literacy no longer involve use of Capital letters, punctuation, spelling and use of correct English words?
  6. You joke but i've seen the papers in my AEC:

    *Picture of a cat* - Fill in the gap: C_T.
    *Picture of a cup* - Fill in the gap: C_P.
    *Picture of squaddie doing the test* - Fill in the gap: M_NG.
  7. no m8 i passed only got 3 questions rong stfu with the spelling its a forum
  8. Anyone know how to get the coffe that I just spat into my keyboard out?