N Koreas bomb would kill 200,000

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. N Korea's bomb 'would kill 200,000'
    Sunday Telegraph
  2. Eh. And that's why I say South Korea should just invade the North, nick their nuclear weapons and then point them at China. But that's just the unrealistic raving right-wing warmonger in me talking. :)

    I'll be worried when they finally manage to get these things shrunk down in size and weaponised - that is able to fit on a missile. Short of smuggling it out of the country and then next to its target they haven't got any other way of delivering it. From what I've read their air force is pretty much non-existant and even then was a couple of generations behind so unless they try building their own mini-supergun they're buggered delivery-wise.
  3. Well, my bomb can kill 300,000 and my Dad can so beat up your Dad, so shut up North Korea.

  4. Is this news? Nuclear bombs are "traditionally" capable of causing death on a massive massive scale.What were they expecting?A nuke that was capable of killing ten people?
  5. Yeah, you gotta watch out for my nuclear fountain pen.
  6. Would solve the problem of youths hanging about and, doubly, prevent them from returning for about 25,000 years! :D