N. Korean Video on America - Comedy Gold

Fire up the outrage bus!!

Ring Bob Geldorf.

Is there anything Arrse can do for poor JJH?
That American snow coffee isn't quite so nice as North Korean coffee but at least its home grown and hand shoveled by immigrant Mexican farm workers as God intended. ;-) :-D

Snow Coffee.jpg
The funniest bit are the mongs (most likely of
American extraction) on the youtube page slating the guy posting it as being a brainwashed moron.
Haha, cups of snow!

There is steam coming out of the cup!!!

How stupid do they think their population are?
Come on it is obviously hot snow.

Oh obviously.

Seriously though, I know brainwashing is the norm in NK but I doubt that many people seriously believe this shit, they probably jut nod and smile to toe the party line so that they don't end up in Camp 14.


The scary thing is though, having travelled extensively across the USA there are some parts of it where life is disturbingly similar to that video, except with fatter people.

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I bet there will be more than a few norks who look at that and think that life in the US is much better than Best Korea. Just saying like.
There is no parody like self parody - genius!!
It was made by a European art house film maker.

Whilst excellent viewing, it is a satire.

*edit- I was wrong. It was travel writer Alun Hill, who did a voice over of existing video footage.
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