N Korean Strategic Rocket Deployment

From the Dow Jones News Services via the Prudent Bear Chat BBS, 7 July 2004:

"SEOUL (AP) -- North Korea has begun making and deploying new intermediate-range ballistic missiles that could reach U.S. military targets in Okinawa, Japan and the Pacific U.S. territory of Guam, South Korea's Defense Ministry said Thursday.

"Since last year, South Korean and Japanese news media, citing anonymous intelligence sources, have reported North Korea's development of a new missile with a 3,00-4,000 kilometer range.

"Testifying before the parliament's National Defense Committee, South Korea's Defense Minister Cho Young-kil said Wednesday that those missiles have already been deployed.


"The North is believed to have stockpiled 600 Scud missiles with ranges of between 300 kilometers and 500 kilometers and 100 Rodong-1 missiles with a range of 1,300 kilometers.


"The North's recently deployed missiles are different from the Taepodong-1 missile that North Korea test-firedd in 1998 and the Taepodong-2 missile the communist country is believed to be in the last stage of developing....

"Taepodong-1 has a 2,500 kilometer range, officials say. Taepodong-2 would be capable of reaching the western U.S."

If thats true about reaching the Western US, then things may get a little "dodgy" around there.

Can't see old GB allowing the North to have that capability :?

Another deployment looming soon?
I've posted elsewhere in this board sources saying that:

1. USA has sent an unprecedented seven carrier groups to Pacific.

2. An objective may be to dissuade China from attacking Taiwan.

3. An objective may be imposition of a blockade against N. Korea so as to prevent its importation/exportation of nuclear weapons-related items.

I'm not a military man and I have no real expertise in these matters. Nevertheless, I'm of the opinion that something very big is about to happen.
Yippee :? Hope the septics kick off in spring my dad reckons it gets a bit nippy in Korea in winter. What was all that about overstretch? :roll:
Don't worry, I'm sure we wont have to go all that way. I read an article by some nice chap called Geoff Hoon which said that with all the new fangled network enabled capability kit that the British Forces now have there's no need for us to go and get muddy in foreign lands. :wink:

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