N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. The parliamentary Labour party.
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  2. Has any nation ever detected nucleide evidence of a North Korean Thermo Nuclear detonation?

    I mean kiloton level subteranean explosions are easy to simulate if you have: an old worked out coal mine, many kilotons of TNT, plus shit loads of of dodgy old shelf lifed and rusting Korean war blind rounds.

    That might explain what the **** was happening at the Ryongchon disaster when a train full of the shit went off in 2004.
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  3. Indeed. But he didn't use it.
  4. Well it worked out well for Japan when they attacked the U.S. mainland....
  5. Can't have cost the US more than a quarter of a million military cas. either all told.
    All in all, it's something that you'd probably rather didn't happen.
  6. Actually I think it will probably go the same way as it did before but quicker, nastier and a lot more fun to watch in colour with the big boys only getting involved to do some arm yanking and talking in shell-likes.
  7. Isn't there an expectation that No 10 says yes whenever The White House calls? Didn't we have 2 Inf Bdes deployed, 43 Cdo and some RN involvement? I believe that the RAF sat this one out. No Fighter or Bomber squadron was deployed at any rate.
  8. According to Mandrake (Daily Telegraph) the Combined Chiefs of the US and UK Defence Staff are meeting this week. I wonder if the Korean Prninsula is on the adgenda.
  9. Dollsteeth "Probably a good dose of reality coupled with precision bombing of vital infastructure and major units, the country would unravel itself." They tried that back in the 50s, it did not work. Very hard to destroy the infrastructure of a country that essentially does not have one and to which mass casualties mean absolutely nothing. If you can find one have a short chat with a Korean War veteran, I think you may be less arrogant about our potential afterwards. Add in the huge changes in national psyche since then and imagine the public reaction to a company position being over-run, let along entire Bdes handed their cards. A few hundred dead in one engagement should do it. As a nation we don't have the stomach for a real fight anymore.
  10. And bear in mind that if we're carpet bombing their lead formations we could very well be carpet bombing Seoul. :)
  11. Not even Barry Soetaro, the Nobel Peace Prize winner (Undeserved) of 2009 would stand idly by and let the North Koreans drop nuclear missiles on his (alleged) birthplace. We wouldn't even wait for the impeachment articles to go down in the House; he'd be strung up on a gibbet in front of the DNC National Headquarters and his veep, the blowhard Biden, would be broken on the wheel like Quasimodo. ;-)
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  12. I quite agree we dont have the stomach for it anymore which is why I didnt mention UK plc once, nor do I think the US would necessarily deploy troops on mass which is why I didnt say that either.

    I forget who but someone posted in another related thread that sabre rattling is all they have left now (a sign that sanctions are working maybe?), much like the child that throws the dummy out to get attention and I agree however you cant account for the orders of one man living in his own fantasy world.
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  13. Do tell.
  14. Presumably 'Class-A combat readiness' is code for 'we have no real intention of kicking off'.

    If it did kick off and 9 million nutters charged accross the border I would be interested to observe the logistical challenges of responding to the question on every North Korean squaddie's lips- 'what's for lunch boss?'
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  15. If it really came to that? a **** load of TCM and US air assets with a slightly reluctant South Korean set of boots on the ground sprinkled with US advisors, the similarity to history meaning US public wouldnt allow it to escalate beyond that even if it needed too.