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N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. Not sure if you are trying for a bite or a cheap shot?

    Put simply, hollywood and bad writers would have you believe a single nuclear detonation is end of days type stuff (eg nevil shute and on the fecking beach) In reality its more complex than that.

    Drop a Tsar Bomba on people and yes a lot of people will have a very bad day. Drop a lower yield device and actually it will be horrible for those in the immediate vicinity, but not have widespread end of civilisation impacts.

    The problem with nuclear weapons is that they are scary scary things, but people dont get that the effects are limited, and will not cause breakdown from one detonation. It will be a horrible awful event, but it will also be recoverable in the medium term.

    Your problems start when lots fly at once...
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  2. That's the last thing China would want Fat Boy to do. Because they know America's response would be the Wrath of God, with the knobs turned up to 11.

    China want Best Korea as a buffer state. Not a glow in the dark wasteland.
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  3. Who knows what he will do. For example, would he involve the US indirectly by attacking Japan with a nuclear weapon in the knowledge that he could achieve that target more easily? If that happened would the US still obliterate North Korea? What would China's stance be? Would that be the catalyst for, say, Iran to attack Israel and India to attack Pakistan? What would be the response of the US in either of those cases or, come to that, the response of the UK and France?

    Tough one with so many unknown facets. The only certainty is that North Korea - read their leader - wants desperately to ruffle the feathers of the US Eagle, just because 'they' think 'they' should. A North Korean nuclear weapon on the US is one thing, it's what happens next that is the big question.
  4. And I bet the Yanks could inflict enough devastation on NK infrastructure very quickly without using nukes as well, keep it conventional and you'll keep the Chinese and Russians happier.

    In all honesty, I wouldn't be surprised if there was already one or two overgrown cigar tubes sitting out there ready to start lobbing in cruise missiles at a moment's notice
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  5. So with a few kte we have 13000 casualties requiring hospital attention.
    London struggled with a few hundred from a block of flats...
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  6. Literally any article that speaks about the impact of a nuclear exchange states that emergency services will be totally overwhelmed, anyone who would have thought any different must be walking around with a bucket over their heads.
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  7. So true. A massive fire, road accident, multiple shooting, conventional explosion etc are horrific but at least the effects are well known. The multiple effects from a nuclear event are in a league apart.
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  8. Aye the amount of casualties that would die due to lack of treatment is phenomenal.
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  9. EMP worries are one thing , what's happens if the wee fat git hits the area of the San Andreas fault ? Would the system have enough ummph to trigger a major seismic event and therefore a global issue ?
  10. I think I've seen that film on Movies4Men.
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  11. Read it years before then, people have to remember that Goodbye California was fiction
  12. There are C-130 and C-17 squadrons stationed OCONUS (Hawaii, Alaska and Europe), to say nothing of sealift capacity. So, in the event of an EMP, you airlift (or sealift) enough electronic components to restore the nation's rolling stock and use railroads to move food and other supplies to population centers. That's for starters, and it probably averts total catastrophe, after that the rebuilding effort would be massive, but the U.S. likely recovers within two years or so.
  13. That's phase 2. Phase 1 is you get medieval on Fat Boy's ass and show him what "prompt and utter destruction" actually means.
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  14. Of course. The point is that the U.S. is hardly without options in the event of such an attack. There are steps that could be taken to minimize the effect on the American populace.
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