N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Again, depends on the size of the human wave attack and whether you can get them moved/reloaded before the guys at the back lop your balls off.

    I'm not saying here that the NORKs are in with a shout, but if it does kick off... It'll be no little, over by x-date war, nor will it be a bushfire op.
    Big battalions and "bad day" cas. figures that equal the losses for the entire period spent in Afg. are far from out of the question.
  2. I say let them crack on it might stop all of the cut backs here and in yank land.
  3. Lots of bods with big guns and tanks may look nice in parades and on harry eckers but if you don't have air superiority you're in the poo as Saddam found out in GW1.

    Without the Chinese the NK's would end up causing shed loads of damage but ultimately get one he'll of a slapping.
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  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Sooner or later the DPRK will collapse. The population are becoming increasingly disillusioned and better informed.

    In the past the regime managed to portray itself as the saviour of the people. Now they are having to use increasingly repressive measures to maintain national discipline.

    A more realistic problem that we should address is how are 'we' going to manage transition? Should we do anything to precipitate the collapse? Should we prop the regime up?

    The Chinese are the key but 'we' should have a plan or 2. A trashed ROK would be another blow to the world economy.

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  5. Just how would the shitrag media manage to convey news of a company's worth of soldiers lost in a day?
  6. Well, we arn't doing that well against a bunch of flip flop wearing blokes in Afghanistan and have even made a timeline to lose the war.
  7. ISTBC but didnt Saddam have the fourth (?) largest army in the world prior to GW1, mostly fed by rhetoric and bollocks. That turned out well for them?
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  8. That is COIN, completely different and I presume you havent fought out there?
  9. So we beat them. Might only cost... What? a million dead on the allied side? Five hundred thousand? Quarter of a million even? Vice their ten times that and regime change.

    :) Ought to make the elections fun for those in this particular "coalition".
  10. If it came to a Land War as we were one of the belligerents (?) last time round the Cousins are likely to invite us again. What could we send that would be suitable for the type of war- fighting that could be expected?
  11. and what do you think will happen in N.Korea? Same thing as happened in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  12. If it did kick off, I'd predict a few thousand casualties on the allied side. The main losers would be civvies, as usual.

    Nuclear weapons aside, Saddam's '90 Army was scarier than Kim's 2013 one.
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  13. Probably a good dose of reality coupled with precision bombing of vital infastructure and major units, the country would unravel itself.
  14. Not that actually.
  15. Currently probably more than we could contribute to virtually any other order of conflict, which isn't necessarily saying a lot.

    I've a real notion though, that if it were to come to it (which I don't believe it will) that we may decline the invite, at anything other than a token level.

    Britain as a whole is war weary. And despite the gung-ho optimism displayed in certain parts of this thread, we'd lose a (comparative) lot of folks fighting a proper ground war in Asia.