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N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Jul 16, 2017.

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  1. Dont forget hiroshima and nagasaki were quickly usable again. Nukes are often overblown for dramatic effect - in reality a small area will suffer, the rest of the US will carry on as normal.

    North Korea on the other hand will become a bit like the north of england, but with fewer mutants.
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  2. Hey, less of it tw@t.
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  3. I don't think you can compare 1940s Japan to present day technology dependent USA.

    If an EMP strike (or 2)were to take out a significant part of the US power and communications grid then there really would be a period of chaos.
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  4. Whatever. A nuclear strike on the US may modify US policy from the currently US centric fairly benign attitude to one one of utter lunacy.
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  5. So you would be able to get a decent pint in North Korea then ?
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  6. I'm not sure you have that right. Sure, there are accidents, and the occasional dumbass design decision, but their effects are less and less.

    Three or four years ago, Plant Bowen in Georgia near where I used to live threw a genset. One of four, and the station itself is flipping enormous. 3.2GW, I believe. An 800MW genset going bang is a bit of an "event" :) One might expect loss of 800MW capacity in a oner to present a huge problem, but it didn't, in terms of meeting demand. Not a blip.

    My current job (fiber optic engineering) works a lot with utility companies, and I can say with certainty that they are very serious about CNI protection. I'm sure it's not perfect, but the sky is not falling in. Unless you're in California, that is, where all bets are off, and they're screwed in every sense. Generally nice weather there though.
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  7. Just for the hell of it, I have just nuked Anchorage, Alaska on Nukemap; my parameters were a NK 10kt weapon airbursting over the centre of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (a nice area target for NK Missiles of doubtful accuracy). 2,020 fatalities, 13,040 estimated injuries, with a detonation altitude of 670m to maximise 5 psi overpressure. It would hardly cripple the USA but I can guarantee that there wouldn't be much left of North Korea.
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  8. And one for @Kromeriz, Lielvarde Air Base nuked by an SS-25 Topol with an 800kt warhead airbursting at 2,900m. 2,400 fatalities, 13,460 estimated injuries.
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  9. Are there that many civilians still living there?
  10. The weapon effects would be felt up 11km from the point of detonation...
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  11. Your post at least made me think and read a bit about this... There really isn't a "US Grid". How can there be? It's 3000 miles from left to right, and some very inhospitable terrain in the interior. There is no "National" power company, it is fragmented into regional power companies. Between them, there are over 7000 power stations and another 1500 hydro stations. One might call that a highly disjointed, fragmented system, or alternatively, one might call that a well-distributed, resilient system.

    Where I live, there's 5 hydroelectric dams that were built in the 30s-50s. No semiconductors around in that time. I'm sure they've been upgraded with semiconductor-based control systems, but not beyond the wit of man to regress to basic electrical control.
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  12. Don't forget folks, you read it here first: "nukes are often overblown for dramatic effect". Just shows what visiting Vienna and reading a few reports can do for your all-encompassing knowledge of nuclear weapons...
  13. Had meteorological effects been applied correctly then it would be more like 11 km plus or minus at least 25%. Just saying.....
  14. We both know that but this isn't a Friday afternoon manual plotting exam at Winterbourne Gunner... ;)
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  15. You're right.;)
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