N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Because it looks pretty impressive, how many on here would love to do live firing exercises on the scale they do? Also the frequency that they do them. They look good and they are good, brainwashed like the hitler youth and as fanatical as the ss or similar

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  2. A former PSAO of mine ( sadly now deceased) spent some years as a guest of the Koreans and then the Chinese after the battle on the Imjin. I suspect he would be fighting his way to the head of the queue for the Red Button were the option available. He was not impressed by their hospitality.
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  3. Ever seen a bunch of football hooligans part like a slags flaps at the first sight of a big plod horse?

    It's ok waving your fists about, being a shouty bastard and looking the part but experience and ability will always see through. I doubt 90% of their troops has ever done anything more than fired their weapons and practiced charging while screaming patriotically for the cameras.

    I don't doubt they're probably awash with fanatics but in the words of a bloke from a silly film "Moral is no substitute for 800 rounds a minute."
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  4. Kaesong Industrial Park still open then?

    That would be the one in N.Korea with 123 S.Korean companies employing 50,000 N.Koreans generating over $1 billion in exports and propping up a broken country run by gobby muppets.
  5. Quite, I wonder how strong the rhetoric in the trenches would be as the first wave of bombs from the b52s came in.
  6. Well they didn't do all that badly last time around. Ok they had some help but I didn't hear of any mass running away actions.

    Why do you think it would be different this time?
  7. This is true. However (I always have one) there's a point at which the numbers will tell, even if they're balloon armed mongs, and you have to reach for the armageddon button.

    That was the whole script for the Cold War stand off in Europe surely?

    Edit:- Just thinking actually, the Koreans (south) are well into their Starcraft.... "Zerg Rush" is a term borrowed from that game that translates into the real world a bit in this context.
  8. Right, it's time for a pre-emptive strike. Stand by to deploy the Unit H&SW Advisor!
  9. ...look what happened last time somebody did that...
  10. Now I'm almost certainly only playing Devil's Advocate, but didn't ze Germans come a cropper making a strikingly similar assumption about an underdeveloped Communist neighbour. Not that I'm in anyway comparing North Korea to the USSR. But while the Norks would almost certainly get their arse's handed to them, they'd create an awful lot of damage in the process. Economically, the trashing of even a percentage of the ROK would have some pretty big global ripples. And they almost certainly know that.
  11. No one currently thinks that they can actually put one of their jerry-rigged nukes into one of their missiles.

    Any nuclear attack would be from the air... with their Beagle bombers.

    Because last time was fought with WWII technology against which a man with a rifle had a little chance of survival?

    I can't see a human wave attack doing so well against MLRS, for example.
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  12. I believe all their Beagles have already gone. It was something to do with solving the ration problem.
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  13. That's orientals for you....fiendish...


  14. With an alleged 9,000,000 in the ground forces you are going to need a lot of things that go bang to even slow them down by much.
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