N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Fox very much "on message" as expected, but basically it's nothing new then? Nobody is in doubt that the US could hit the DPRK hard, what is very much in doubt is their ability to complete doing so before large numbers of SK civilians are killed.
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  2. I dont think theres any doubt about it

    Unless they manage a sneaky decapitating strike and someone rational takes the reins* theres just no chance large numbers of SK civilians are not going to die - How many hundreds of guns are sat within range of Seoul on a quiet day

    *Cant see that happening either any one popular and or competent enough has likely been offed by fatty as a threat par for the course for these despotic leader types
  3. Somehow we managed to deal with East Germany and the rest of the Warsaw Pact without blowing up West Germany in the process.
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  4. Pee-poor example, as I don't think the GDR was pursuing an ICBM programme and a nuclear weapons programme.

    And I think that, to make your analogy a tad more realistic, you would need the DPRK population to start protesting against the DPRK regime and for the regime to fall because of these protests. Somehow I can't see that happening in the same way as in the pars of the world formerly known as the GDR and the "Warsaw Pact"
  5. a mighty sticky wicket ... do ya wonder whether Dennis Rodman has some intel on Rocket Man?
  6. I realise this is 5691 posts in but is there any way a North Korean nuclear strike wouldn't cause chaos in the US?
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  7. The headline below appears to be mischaracterising the events, but the gist of the actual news is that China will not be attending the international summit in Vancouver next week. China heaping scorn on North Korea meeting next week in Vancouver

    China has said the meeting was likely to do more harm than good.
    The list of invitees is currently secret.
    Russia will also not be attending.
    However, it is not clear at this point whether China or Russia were even invited. Foreign Affairs would not answer when questioned on that point by the press.
    The meeting is intended to show international solidarity with respect to the North Korea question.
    However, without China or Russia present, it is very questionable whether any meaningful progress towards a solution can be accomplished.
    I will add that whether anything useful is accomplished will depend on what the actual objectives of the meeting are. This has not been made clear by anyone. If however the objective was to temporarily restrain and delay the war party in the US, then it may have achieved its objective already.
  8. If it hit anywhere in the Greater LA region?
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  9. And having said the following yesterday:
    today in the news we see the following: Message of next week's summit on North Korea also aimed at Trump's White House
    It turns out that North Korea is not the only target of the upcoming conference. The conference is also intended as a show of diplomatic pressure against the war party in the US to try to help US foreign minister Tillerson rein them in.
    The meeting will provide Tillerson with more ammunition when dealing with those parts of the US government who are pushing for war.
    South Korea's ambassador to Canada apparently agrees with this.
    Things are getting complicated.
  10. It's Korea. That's the ground-state.
  11. If anything starts, from either side, a lot of people will get killed. That is a given.

    On a different note Mad Mitch would love this. HMS Argyl and HMS Sutherland will be deployed together near NK.
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  12. Do the Americans still have a civil defence organisation like they had during the Cold War?

    I've seen old films showing air raid warden types in white hard hats guiding civvies into bomb shelters and mass casualty drills. Are there still public bomb shelters in the USA? I know they have them in Japan and South Korea.

    And above all remember to Duck and Cover. When an H bomb heats your classroom up to the same temperature as the sun, you'll be ok because you're hiding under a plywood desk.
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  13. Nah, no such thing as those shelters any more. It may have been on a similar thread on here but some photographer or other did a portfolio on what they are now. Artists co-operative workshops, underground car parks, secure storage spaces etc etc
  14. Recent analysis by USMC General Robert Neller suggests things may get even more difficult than unclassified sources had disclosed.

    Top US Marine says that a war in Korea would be 'Game of Thrones-like'

    Apparently a new Korean war would be like Game of Thrones. Are we to expect large scale deployment of eunuchs, dragons, the undead and even undead dragons? Might make the SDSR interesting...