N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Printed the pdf off and put it on workshop notice board, one of the lads said that's taking thinking ahead too far.
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  2. Looks like the 'ping pong' moment when China and USA started to speak to each other? Trump can claim his handling of N Korea has, well, come up trump's and the North blinked first? At the end of the day jaw jaw is better than war war?

    Koreas agree talks to defuse tension
  3. We'll have to wait and see if this lasts much past the close of the Olympics.
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  4. I believe the Winter Olympics is pretty much a done deal. How Tubby III acts during and after the Olympics remains to be seen. Same as joint RoK/US Exercises put on hold by S Korea, will they start again? At the same intensity?

    The fact they’re actually talking again after a break of two years and may enter under the same banner can only be a good starting point imo.

    Interesting times ......
  5. The Trump administration is adamant there will not be a Nuclear North Korea, besides I'd rather watch war than the winter Olympics.
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  6. North Korea tells South it will not discuss nuclear arms in future tal
    A bit of ‘comedic divide and rule’. Anyone who has read and seen the rhetoric from DPRK about ‘the puppet regime’ to their south wouldn’t for one moment believe the nukes (and C/BW) are not aimed at their ‘brethren’ in the south. A bit of ‘stall setting’ by N Korea and no talks on nukes:
  7. No doubt Tubby 3 will be able to tell his population that DPRK won 325 gold medals due to him, Tubby 3, being the team coach.
  8. As he assists N Korean SF in their parachuting skills reported much earlier in the thread, I’ve no doubt he will have already led them to glorious victory in such disciplines as figure skating and the luge. Tbh, i’d pay good money to see him go head first down a toboggan run on a baking tray :)
  9. It would have to be a big baking tray! :-o
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  10. A possible reason NK is talking to the South, needs food, oil, aid, concessions, more pumped into the joint economic zone which it has plundered once and then shut down

    It will of course give all the promises it gave before, which it failed to deliver.

    Ironically the guy from the North in the talks is the one who directed the sinking of the South Korean ship.
    'No apology' for S Korea sinking
  11. Is it just a cunning plan to get NK special forces across the border?
  12. Who know what that fruit-loop thinks. He thinks he is a God.

    The guys who will be on the ground if/when it gets nasty are being told by guys at the top that it is not going to be pretty.
    War in Korea Would Be 'Game of Thrones-Like,' Top Marine Says

    My first Course Officer was the son of Col Douglas Drysdale of 41 Commando who was involved in the retreat from Chosin Reservoir. Pretty desperate and 41 was awarded a US Presidential Citation for their part.
    The Frozen Chosin: Battle of Chosin Reservoir
  13. My first thought was it could give SK reason to push back on talk of a preemptive strike by the US [1] as SK would take the biggest hit [sic], not the US. From the DPRK perspective it's an easy sell as they want a "Unified Korea" anyway.

    [1] This would be utter lunacy on the part of the US, but given their Commander in Chief...
  14. The IOC will convene a meeting with both North and South Korea over Olympic participation. Issues such s flags, anthems, and other matters will be discussed.
    IOC to convene Olympic participation meeting with North, South Korea | CBC Sports
    The only two confirmed North Korean participants so far are skating pairs team Ryom Tae-Ok and Kim Ju-Sik. The two of them trained with Canadian coach Bruno Marcotte in Montreal last summer.
    North Korean Olympic figure skaters have Montreal ties | CBC Sports
  15. In line with being prepared for any sudden tantrums by the little fat ‘god’, the B-2’s just deployed to Guam bring strategic nuclear strike capability back to the region.
    US deploys 3 B-2 stealth bombers to Guam in message to North Korea

    The B-2's ability to penetrate undetected deep into enemy territory to drop up to 80 independently guided weapons on a single run, nucs, or the Massive Ordnance Penetrator is essential.

    Th MOP 40,000lb super-bunker buster would be essential in any major air war aimed at wiping out North Korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, many of which are buried under mountains.

    The B-2s will be training for missions over North Korea due to the unique challenges of the region, and coordinating with the multi-national assets involved in such an operation. These include the two squadrons of F-35s now deployed to Japan. The USMC F-35Bs at MCAS Iwakuni and the USAF F-35As from Hill AFB at Kadena Air Base on Okinawa.