N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Re: bold

    What is not mentioned is whether the re-entry worked or not but, possibly more crucially, what the size of any payload was as that could have an effect on the capabilities of the missile.
  2. True, but in the context of deterrence as viewed by politicians, the DPRK was nuclear [ICBM] capable about 3 months ago which is pretty much all they need recognition for. They even deployed Newscaster Lady In Pink Dress so they consider the test a success.

    Edit: the designation they used was Hwasong-15, not 14 as the last so it might be a significant upgrade. Time will tell as the telemetry feeds from various sources are released.
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  3. A genuine question for the more knowledgeable.

    We know that this test pretty much went straight upwards, so would there be an effect on the re-entry bit of things when lobbed in a more "traditional" path where the angles are much shallower than the DPRK ICBM tests?
  4. It’s OK , Trump will “ deal with it”.
  5. Yeah, the re-entry vehicle would likely be under less stress if an efficient trajectory was used, but we still don't know if that survived re-entry and what was in it. I believe the US used either a telemetry package or a dummy warhead of the correct size and mass since AFAIK they've never actually tested with a real one either.

    At least James Mattis is talking sense.
    New missile test shows North Korea capable of hitting all of US mainland - CNNPolitics
  6. What is also interesting was the range when superimposed over Russia.

    There might just be a little quiet sphincter tightening going on over there.

    The fat kid is a little bit of a loose cannon.
  7. Kremlin: stay calm, but new North Korea missile test a provocative act
    Peskov appears to be a realist on this occasion. Whilst calling for calm and reiterating the Russia/China roadmap (one being against UNSC Resolutions, the other nothing to do with UNSC Resolutions), he doesn't hold out much hope Tubby III will consider it:
    Still, there are some who are happy to let a regime known to have WMDs contrary to UNSC Resolutions, believed to be exporting WMD technology to other states, has substantial cyber capability and widely believed (we'll never get a straight admittance of guilt) to be behind Wannacry and other attacks carry on.
  8. Moscow is in a difficult position as this situation may not have been able to occur if Russia hadn't given DPRK the knowledge and help to be able to develop nuclear weapons.

    Fully condemning what Wee Phat is up to would obviously lead to fingers pointing at them for providing the means to get such a programme up and running in the first case, and that ain't going to happen when you consider they still deny their culpability in MH17.
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  9. Yep, he's doing a sight more than any of his predecessors.
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  10. He certainly seems to have been passed down a ‘tar baby’ by his predecessors.
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  11. The obvious question to be asked is "how many of these buggers do they have" as being able to develop them is one thing, having more than one is another.
  12. Time is running out. Trump has less than a year if he wants a regime change, then it will be impossible to attack North Korea as it will have the power to destroy a US large city
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  13. A lot of yanks will be crossing there fingers that it's either Detroit, Atlantic city or DC.
  14. Chicago, Baltimore maybe?
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