N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. USAF F-35-A’s arrive in Japan to add to the USMC F-35 B’s already deployed.
  2. Bring it on!
  3. No co-operation yet between Russia and U.S. on North Korea, Kremlin says

    Trump may meet with Putin during an APEC conference in Vietnam on Friday. If it happens, then Items on the agenda may include North Korea, Syria, and Ukraine.
    At present though, the Russians have said there has been no cooperation on North Korea, just a periodic exchange of views.
    The rest of the news story is a summary of wider issues, so is probably not worth reading if you are only interested in the North Korea aspects.

    With respect to North Korea however, I wouldn't place much hope in this meeting amounting to much, if it even happens. However, it is conceivable that it could allow lower level officials to start working on something that could bear fruit later.

    Both Russia and the US have their own motivations for achieving some tangible results. For the US they would like to see some sort of way out of the current impasse and give Washington something that could be dressed up as a tangible foreign policy victory. For Russia, they would like to show that cooperation with Moscow can achieve results and so start to reduce their current diplomatic isolation.

    Of course this assumes that the Russians can actually deliver something. Pyongyang on the other hand may not feel in such a cooperative mood.
  4. Trump made more threats directed against North Korea while in Japan. Trump strikes hard line against North Korea in Japan

    He refused to rule out military action against North Korea and demanded that they cease testing missiles.
    He also said that when Japan buys new "military equipment" from the US (who make the "best military equipment, by far"), that Japan will "shoot 'em out of the sky". There was nothing in the story about Japan's opinion on this.
    Trump will visit South Korea next. He's not expected to visit the border region as most US presidents would, but rather will go to a US military base south of Seoul.
    This change from normal protocol is being explained as intending to underscore the ties between the US and South Korea. My own speculation is that it may be intended to provide fewer opportunities for Trump to wind up the North Koreans.
    Trump also asked the US congress for an additional $4 billion for anti-missile measures directed against North Korea.
    South Korean President Moon will be using the visit to try to improve personal ties with Trump. This is important when dealing with Trump. This is not unprecedented with US presidents - former US president Reagan was also easily swayed by appearances of personal regard and friendship.
    Trade will also be a major point of discussion. Trump is threatening to cancel the US-South Korea trade treaty unless he gets concessions. I suspect that this will be a bigger concern for the South Koreans than the headline defence issues.
    Trump is also threatening to cancel trade treaties with Canada and Mexico (NAFTA). The US is taking the line that the US is bigger than Canada or Mexico, so the latter need the US far more than the US needs them, and so will have to cave into any and all demands made by the US. However, this is suspected as being a negotiating tactic and Canada and Mexico are not panicking over it and are sticking to a position of minor tweaks only to the existing trade treaty. Behind the scenes lobbying at all levels is being conducted by Canada (and possibly Mexico) to ensure the US doesn't go through with Trump's threats. The idea that Canada and Mexico were suffering more than the US from cancelled trade ties wouldn’t be of much comfort to the US states and industry experiencing the pain, so they will apply counter-pressure on Washington.

    Given the above background, I would not be surprised if US - South Korea trade negotiations were going through a similar process. The big question is whether the current South Korean government has enough experience to recognise the tactics being used against them in this case and not fall for them.
  5. What is indisputable is that for some time North Korea will have been one of the most heavily monitored and surveilled places on earth. America's formidable array of surveillance assets have been in place for some time.

    South Korea and Japan have their own fleets of spy aircraft with varying capabilities, and China’s growing concern with a nuclear melt down on it’s border will undoubtedly have had a keen interest. Russia of course hates to be left out.

    In addition of the various Space-Based Infrared System, or SBIRS that track missiles during launch, after their rocket motors burn out and coasting in space or extremes of the upper atmosphere, there are RQ-180 high alt stealth drones over NK then a host of other types around the perimeter.

    WC-135 Constant Phoenix, U2S Dragon Ladies with Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System-2 (ASARS-2) and the Senior Glass electronic intelligence suite. RQ-4A Global Hawks, RC-135V/W Rivet Joints from the 82nd Reconnaissance Squadron listening in on the country’s military units. MQ-1C Grey Eagles, PC-3 Orions, P-8A Poseidon. RC-135S Cobra Ball and RC-135U Combat Sent. F-35B and F-22 Raptors. All have been or are presently in the area.

    In addition of airborne watchers with various radars and other surveillance gear, American cruisers, destroyers, and submarines all have the ability to watch and monitor North Korea’s coastlines.

    One thing is for sure the fat kid is being watched pretty closely.
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  6. Now that he's in South Korea, Trump has taken on a more conciliatory tone towards North Korea. In Seoul, Trump calls for North Korea to 'make a deal'
    He now says that he's seen a lot of progress in dealing with North Korea, and that a "deal" can be made with them.
    President Moon said he hoped that Trump would now reflect on the current state of affairs and also that Trump had agreed to resolving things in a "peaceful manner".
    There were various protests in Seoul for and against Trump's visit. As I suspect they are bound up with South Korean politics, I wouldn't read too much into them without being familiar with the broader local political currents.

    Trump also mentioned trade issues, which he said was a major reason behind the visit. He wasn't too specific about the outcome of that, but reading between the lines it doesn't sound like he made much progress on that front.
  7. Exclusive: China curbs tourism to North Korea ahead of Trump visit - sources
    It may seem bizarre to most of us, but there is still a tourist industry in the DPRK. Anyway, ahead of Trump's visit, trips to Pyongyang have been halted:
    Day trips across the border are still allowed:
    No official explanation:
    It only seems to apply to Dandong, HK not being affected:
    Trump in Beijing tomorrow.
  8. While there seems no doubt that the fat kid wanted world attention, it may have slowly come home to him that not all of it is welcome.

    He is of course still a god and completely omnipotent...sort of...in his subjects minds...maybe??
  9. Don't bet on it. You know that common sense is a misnomer.
  10. Just to add that yet again Donald Trump demonstrated what an excellent orator he is. I feel that he has the measure of his audience, hence the slightly dumbed down approach at home by necessity tends to throw the MSM. As Scott Adams (Dilbert creator) says, he is a master persuader.

    Brings back fond memories of Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher

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  11. Trump says that he and Xi together can solve probably all of the world's problems. Trump optimistic on trade, North Korea after China talks
    I will leave aside US-China trade issues and focus instead on North Korea.

    Trump said that both he and Xi believe that a solution exists for the North Korea problem.
    Xi said that relations between the two countries were at a new historic point. He also made mention of respect, cooperation, and benefits being mutual. I interpret that as meaning that help from China will depend on the US treating China as an equal partner, rather than a supplicant upon whom unilateral demands can be made. I''m not sure that the US is quite ready yet to make that sort of radical change in their own thought processes.
    North Korea made a derisive reply to Trump's statements about them, suggesting that Americans should "oust the lunatic old man from power". They also said that the US should cease its hostile policy towards North Korea "in order to get rid of the abyss of doom."
    There is more detail in the news story, which is worth reading in full.
  12. Why? Your post was pretty much BS as usual.

    What you refer to is an overt, open act of force. In Washington's case usually done with the UN's blessing.
    So far Putin hasn't had the stones to do that. Issue threats, yes. But any violence or regime change efforts are all completely deniable. Even if he was giggling s he did it.

    You have tried to conflate the two. I pity you.
  13. With one of the world’s largest concentrations of naval power about to start exercises just outside his door I wonder if the fat kid is getting the message.
    Rare 3-carrier strike group exercise kicks off Saturday near Korean Peninsula

    There was a lead up to Gulf War I as I recall. Lots of bragging blustering and bellicose war talk from Saddam. He eventually believed his own BS and took Kuwait. Ended up on the end of a rope, strung up by... his own people.

    Moamer Khadafii was another omnipotent being. Dragged out from a drain like a rat and shot...by his own people
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  14. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    And seven carrier fleets at sea in total...

    Meanwhile there's been a strange outpouring of cooperation. Trump meeting Putin, Trump treating China as an equal and China suddenly forgetting about their issues with Sorkian THAAD. Which is particularly odd as it has strategic implications.

    If I were the fat kid I'd be watching my Northern border with some interest.
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