N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. 184461

    184461 On ROPs

    Give your bum-chum a nudge.
    Don't want to spoil the 100% record you both have.
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  2. 184461

    184461 On ROPs

    You're miles ahead of him aren't you?

    Back to the sketch:
    What’s funding North Korea’s nuclear terror

    So their WMD program is paid for by knock-off fags?

    "...THE illegal tobacco trade is helping to prop up Kim Jong-un’s nuclear program as well as the world’s biggest terror groups, according to a US security chief...
    One of the most lucrative is illicit tobacco, an industry worth tens of billions of dollars worldwide since the product can be sold without the high taxes that exist in many wealthy countries.

    His allegation may at least partially answer the enduring question of where such a poor country finds the money for an intimidating military stockpile.

    The outgoing chair of the OECD Task Force on Countering Illicit Trade, says that compared with drugs, smuggling tobacco is “low-risk, high reward”.
    A shipping container packed with tobacco can be obtained for $130,000 and resold for $2.6 million, with penalties paling in comparison to the lengthy prison terms handed down to narcotics traffickers, said Mr Luna.
    He said illicit tobacco was funding “bad actors”, with open source reports showing 15 of the world’s leading terrorist groups regularly rely on illicit cigarettes for funding, including al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah and Hamas.

    Proof: KJU stood next to a fag machine
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  3. I think it is stretching the truth reporting.

    Recent land slides concerned KJU that he needed to shore up his subterranean test site so he filled it with 200,000 of those who were stealing grass to eat because they were starving.

    This grass was making oxygen for the supreme leader.

    I did read on another site that should the mountain collapse and radiation spreads to russia/china it will be a declaration of war....it is a pity pixels are free.
  4. You're probably closer to reality in that post than the loonspud ever has been.

    I see that Trump is not going to visit the DMZ, unlike previous Presidents. Probably a good idea, wouldn't want them pesky northerners trying to eat the chihuahua on his head
  5. 184461

    184461 On ROPs

    Not the Daily Star is it?
    DS is mongo's favorite.
    Check out the poppy on the logo...In spite of the endless war-mongering they spout.
    The irony will probably be lost on many here...It's obviously lost on them
    [​IMG]North Korea nuclear strike on ALL US states REVEALED in shock warning
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  6. South Korea's Moon says cannot recognize North Korea as nuclear state
    South Korea and China appear to have reached a bit more of a 'normalisation' ref THAAD:
    A bit more on the PRC view from their newspapers is below:
    Some consider it a win for both Moon and Xi:
    No military action without the South's consent, nor is the South seeking nukes:
    Exclusive: U.S. pursues direct diplomacy with North Korea despite Trump rejection
    Diplomacy is continuing behind the scenes, principally by the 'New York channel':
    His remit was initially the release of prisoners, but it is now much wider than that. The steps are welcomed by China:
    A long way to go and the solutions are not binary:
  7. I'm am Athiest but you challenge my perception that when nature allocates brain cells there could be an honoury Arrse member deciding you would get very wrong ones.

    There is no irony in the poppy, they don't celebrate war, they remind us by growing amongst the millions of wasted lives, life goes on, bet never forget, once you forget, the odds on its repeat are increased.

    Perhaps you would rather wear a decapitated head or ziplock bag of various organs to remind folk of the horrors of war!

    I will settle for a poppy and have a very private moment for the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for us, I will never forget, my children won't and neither will some pacifist Cnut who disagrees.
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  8. If the USA are only in SK to prevent China and Russia I wholeheartedly disagree with aTHAAD and troops. It's illegal for NK, China and anyone to invade SK.

    If the US withdrew all forces, THaaAD and other stuff in return for China winding in NK it's a massive win.

    If they invade SK after a US pullout it's war anyway and the lives of a few 100k us troops stationed in SK will be saved whilst the world addresses a new world order.

    All trade with China likely cut, same with Russia if they don't react and there will be fewer SK deaths until a solution is met.

    If I were trump, I would tell China we will take all forces from SK if they maintain status quo.

    America looks like heroes, China looks like heroes, NK can either disarm or lose. Surely it's better having a China neighbour who plays democracy than a loose cannon?
  9. That all depends on whether China has enough influence to persuade the DPRK to stop its nuke and missile programmes if the US withdraws from S Korea. Some say they don't have a great deal of influence now, so how would it increase if the US has gone? They've agreed with the sanctions route to date and have made a lot of statements condemning the missile and nuke tests. None of which appears to have tempered the DPRK programmes.

    Would the DPRK rhetoric etc. end with the removal of US forces? Or would it continue with a possible re-run of 1950? Reading here has plenty of anti RoK (as well as US and Japanese) rhetoric.

    The other point is whether the RoK wants the US to leave? It is after all up to them.
  10. That's odd, everyone else said it was a cosmetics factory. Funny looking cigarettes it's producing.
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  11. 184461

    184461 On ROPs

    Are you Trump?
    I think you could be..Eh, Don?
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  12. 184461

    184461 On ROPs

    Even The Sun are getting in on the poppy action while also pushing the war agenda.
    The US/Russian planes should be there by now..?
    Russia AND the US send nuclear bombers to North Korea as Kim Jong-un tensions soar

    BOTH Russia and the US have flown nuclear bombers near North Korea as tensions grow over tyrant Kim Jong-un's atomic threats.

    Scroll to the message segment.
    Is this one of the idiots of this site?

    Jeffrey Yandeken 14 hours ago
    "..US should conduct a solo fire of won its ICBM capability to deter NK..."
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  13. Repeatedly posting alarmist shoite from the gutter press makes you look even more of a loonspud than you self evidently are Spidey1844612.7
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  14. I'm actually quite looking forward to WW3. It might liven the news up a bit over endless accusations of historical arse-pinching. I mean... ffs.
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