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N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

Of possibly more immediate concern in N Korea is a form of virulent and deadly swine fever.

Given the general food shortages, the fact that livestock can suffer widespread rapid eradication through epidemics may well cause more consternation than the death of the plump leader.

Loss of the 'heavenly one' may cause widespread theatric weeping and wailing, however the sudden death of lots of plump pigs that are not allowed to be eaten may cause a more sincere widespread grief in the population.
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"Hey! Over here! Yes it's me! I haven't gone away you know!"




North Korea's Kim calls for stronger nuclear deterrent: report | DW | 24.05.2020
NKs are protesting against leaflets sent by defectors. There have been tensions near the border in South Korea with villages stopping the activists from sending large plastic bottles with 1kg of rice and face masks in them. Riot police intervened.


North Korea says it will ‘cut communication’ with ‘enemy’ South Korea

N. Korea to cut communication lines to 'enemy' South: KCNA - France 24


just blew up a building in their joint manufacturing complex
It's a liaison office in a joint North Korea-South Korea industrial park. The industrial park was already closed.
North Korea blows up liaison office, says it will cut off communications with the South
Apparently North Korea are unhappy because the South have not resumed joint economic projects due to US sanctions tying the South's hands. The building being destroyed is apparently supposed to be symbolic of the "collapse" of North-South cooperation.
On Saturday night, Kim Yo Jong, the influential sister of North Korea's leader, warned that Seoul will soon witness "a tragic scene of the useless North-South liaison office [in North Korea] being completely collapsed." She also said she would leave to North Korea's military the right to take the next step of retaliation against South Korea.

The North has threatened to abandon a 2018 bilateral tension-reduction agreement, which observers say could allow the North to trigger clashes along the land and sea borders.
North Korean troops demonstrated their country's commitment to containing COVID-19 by shooting a South Korean official who was found in North Korean waters and then burning his body.
North Korean troops shoot dead South Korean official in murky circumstances
According to Seoul, the man disappeared from a government ship that was checking on possible unauthorized fishing in an area south of the boundary on Monday, a day before he was found in North Korean waters.

North Korea sent officials wearing gas masks aboard a boat near the man to learn why he was there on Tuesday afternoon. Later in the day, a North Korean navy boat came and opened fire at him, South Korea's Defence Ministry said.

Sailors from the boat clad in gas masks and protective suits poured gasoline on his body and set it aflame, the Defence Ministry said, citing intelligence gathered by surveillance equipment and other assets.

According to US military officials North Korean troops apparently are patrolling the border with shoot to kill orders intended to keep out smugglers, with the intention of preventing COVID-19 from entering the country.
He said North Korea may have decided to kill him in line with its stringent anti-coronavirus rules that involve shooting anyone illegally crossing the border.

Gen. Robert Abrams, the commander of U.S. troops in South Korea, said last month that North Korea had put special forces along its border with China to keep smugglers out and that they had "shoot-to-kill orders in place" aimed at preventing the virus from entering the country.

It's not clear how a South Korean official ended up floating around in North Korean waters in a life jacket and clinging to a floating object on his own, but an unnamed South Korean defence official suggested that he was trying to defect to North Korea. It's not clear if there's any evidence to support that, or whether nobody really knows and it's just speculation.
It's unclear how he ended up in North Korea. But a defence official said the man might have tried to defect to the North, citing acquired information. He refused to elaborate. The official, requesting anonymity citing department rules, said the South Korean official was wearing a life jacket and was on a small floating object when he was found in North Korean waters.

If the US and North Korea have another meeting some time, perhaps Trump would be interested in getting a few border security tips from Kim.
Kim has sent a letter to South Korea's president Moon apologising for his soldiers having shot a South Korean who had entered North Korea under still unexplained circumstances.
North Korea apologizes over shooting death of South Korean amid public backlash

The North Koreans said that they shot him while floating in the water on a flotation device, but could not find his body afterwards. Contrary to previous reports, they apparently burned the flotation device, not his body.
Why in the hell would anybody of sound mind want to defect to North Korea?


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Why in the hell would anybody of sound mind want to defect to North Korea?
People in the UK voted for Corbyn. There’s no accounting for the stupidity of some people.

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