N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US


Few different sources claiming this

Stated before it could spark a continuation of hostilities with a power struggle
now there's a face of a person who would have no trouble in signing your execution warrant.
One wonders if she hasn't already signed at least one...

She doesn't look like a true believer but she does look like it doesn't matter.
Well its looking increasingly likely that the fat kid eat too much cheese and clogged arteries and an overstressed ticker has stopped at tock.

It is certainly going to be ‘interesting' as the Chinese like to put it... for them too, as it was probably a high powered Chinese medical team with their hands on the scalpel/s.

N Korea has not been an easy neighbour for them, and instability and any sort of power struggle won’t just cause chaos in the US, but on top of the 'China flu’ we are all presently enjoying, it may well have consequences for all of us.
And once again reports of his death appear to have been exaggerated, as Kim attended a ceremony for the opening of a new fertilizer factory near Pyongyang.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un makes first public appearance in weeks, say state media
A state media outlet in North Korea says leader Kim Jong-un has made his first public appearance in 20 days amid rumours about his health.

The Korean Central News Agency said Saturday that he attended a ceremony marking the completion of a fertilizer factory in Suncheon, near the capital of Pyongyang, with other senior officials, including his sister, Kim Yo-jong.
South Korean's parliamentary intelligence committee say that claims that Kim had heart surgery are groundless. Apparently he was just 'social distancing' and working from home due to COVID-19.
South Korea spy agency says no signs North Korea's Kim Jong-un received heart surgery
There are no signs North Korean leader Kim Jong-un received heart surgery when he disappeared from state media for three weeks, but he reduced public activity due to coronavirus concerns, South Korean lawmakers briefed by the spy agency said on Wednesday.
Kim was performing his normal duties, just out of the public eye.
"The NIS assesses that at least he did not get any heart-related procedure or surgery," committee member Kim Byung-kee told reporters. "He was normally performing his duties when he was out of the public eye."

"At least there's no heart-related health problem."
He did make fewer public appearances this year, but South Korea attributes this to COVID-19 measures limiting opportunities.
But the lawmaker said Kim Jong-un only made 17 public appearances so far this year, compared with an average of 50 from previous years, which the NIS ascribed to a possible coronavirus outbreak in North Korea.

"Kim Jong-un had focused on consolidating internal affairs such as military forces and party-state meetings, and coronavirus concerns have further limited his public activity," Kim Byung-kee said.
Here's Kim opening a fertilizer plant.
is that a 2mtr distancing stick the aide is carrying ?
It has the look of a POOG stick.
Some of the footage I saw of Fat Guts at the ceremony, he appeared to be in pain, and trying to cover up a limp. Ya know that trying to put a brave face on thing.

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