N Korean nuclear strike could cause chaos in US

South Korea says troop talks deadlocked as U.S. demands 'unacceptable' funding increase | Reuters
RoK and the US are still discussing the payment to the US of stationing 28K+ US troops in the south. The previous agreement expired last year. The US is looking for a 50% or so increase in payments, most of which apparently goes to the 8,700 S Korean civilians who run the bases.

I'm not sure on the pay of the civilians as the $848 million payment implies they're paid nearly $100,000 each (9,7471.26). Good money if you can get it I suppose. If the deal isn't struck, they'll be putting the S Korean employees on leave after April:
At their last meeting, in December, the United States made a “sudden, unacceptable” demand that South Korea pay more than 1.4 trillion won per year, about 1.5 times its current contribution, according to Hong Young-pyo, a senior ruling party legislator.

Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha briefed a group of lawmakers on the talks on Monday. Any deal is subject to parliamentary approval.

“The negotiations were deadlocked,” Hong told a meeting with lawmakers. “The U.S. side suddenly made a proposal at the last stage which was difficult for us to accept.”
RoK negotiators are looking at a five year deal and no more than 1Tn Won (currently 960Bn Won) a year:
When asked about the U.S. demand on Monday, Kang declined to specify numbers but said there was a “very big difference” in the positions between the two countries.

“We’ll work to reach an agreement that’s reasonable, affordable and explainable to the National Assembly and the people,” Kang told reporters.

Kang Seok-ho, another lawmaker who attended the foreign minister’s briefing, said the government’s stance was not to pay more than 1 trillion won a year and an agreement should be valid for five years, not one year as reportedly sought by the United States.
Did anyone seriously believe otherwise.
NORTH KOREA WARNING: Kim Jong-un will NOT give up nuclear weapons - shock report

...well I suppose there were one or two.
Given the number of people on this thread who've explained regime survival is exactly the reason DPRK pursued its nuclear weapons programme and would want to see concrete actions in response to any concessions, it's not exactly news they have no plans to unilaterally denuclearise.

However, it said Kim conditioned progress on "practical actions" by the United States and added that Pyongyang had in the past tied the idea of denuclearisation to changes in diplomatic ties, economic sanctions, and military activities.
Plans for Trumps next meeting with Kim Jong-un are currently being finalized.
Despite warnings, Trump forges ahead with plans for North Korea summit | CBC News
The United States and North Korea are finalizing plans for another peace summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, ...
Summit details are supposed to be announced soon. An American official is presently on his way to North Korea to arrange the agenda.
Stephen Biegun, Trump's special envoy, is on his way to North Korea today to hammer out the agenda. The president is expected to announce the summit details during his State of the Union address to Congress this evening.
The meeting will reportedly take place in Da Nang, Vietnam in late February.
(Numerous media reports suggest that it will take place in Da Nang, Vietnam, in late February.)
The story also includes a re-hash of recent North Korean nuclear developments. There doesn't appear to be anything new there hasn't already been discussed on this thread so I have left that aspect out of this post. That though may be worth reading for those who want an up to date summary on that issue.
South Korean sources have said the US and North Korea will meet ahead of the leaders summit taking place near the end of this month.
U.S., North Korean officials to meet in Asia ahead of summit | CBC News
The United States and North Korea will meet again this month in an unidentified Asian country ahead of their leaders' planned second summit in Vietnam in late February, South Korean officials said Sunday.
The U.S. special representative for North Korea, Stephen Biegun, visited Pyongyang last week to work out details of the Feb. 27-28 summit in Hanoi between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
A South Korean national security advisor said that the US-North Korean diplomacy efforts are "working well".
South Korea's national security adviser Chung Eui-yong, who met Biegun, reported that U.S.-North Korea diplomacy "is working well," presidential spokesperson Kim Eui-kyeom said. He said a follow-up U.S.-North Korea meeting ahead of the summit will take place in a third country in Asia in the week that begins Feb. 17.

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